Launching a New Service for 2022

Healing is my calling

Throughout my career I’ve worked on refining my ability to create the most potent environments for healing. Over the last three decades I’ve learned 3 absolutes about healing:

  1. To heal we need to feel safe.
  2. As a facilitator honoring resistance and openness to healing is paramount.
  3. Leave space for Grace to guide the process.

At this point in my professional career, I’ve facilitated close to 50,000 healing sessions. I’ve utilized countless clinical techniques and diagnostics. Above them all, my willingness to get close to the deepest wounding with presence and care has shown to be the greatest tool I have.

A moment occurs in a session, when I am close to someone’s pain. They can feel my presence and I can feel theirs. Grace meets us there as tears flow, hearts open and healing happens.

My desire to refine my work is ever constant. I’ve reached a new threshold that compels me to offer my most potent healing work to date within a container that allows my gifts to flow unbridled to be utilized to their highest potential.

I call this work Core Level Awakening. I’ve been offering it over the last five years in groups and one-on-one in half hour sessions.

This new offering will be one-on-one in 60 minute sessions for individuals and 75 minutes for couples

My intention is to create enough time and space during a session to thoroughly shed light on the deepest hurt and wounding to reclaim vitality, and integrate newfound strength and sensitivity. During a session I coach you through what I like to call “boulders in the river.”

Those boulders could be trauma, relationship discord, issues around sex and sexuality, unresolved anger, grief, low self-esteem, hopelessness and even boredom. Intuition is my guide to create deep breakthroughs so all of you can shine through. 

I am fired up about offering more of this work because I have seen the awe-inspiring changes it creates for people and their lives. I will be carving out more time in my schedule to exclusively offer Core Level Awakening. It will be available online in order to reach more people outside of Eugene. If you or a friend might benefit from Core Level Awakening, please click here to see the new website or contact Oriona at [email protected] and she will take care of the rest.

Thank you for helping me spread the word about Core Level Awakening.  It is one of my many life’s passions coming to fruition.

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