Looking at the Physical Symptoms of Unworthiness

Unworthiness is the seed experience that perpetuates the illusion that you are separate…

When not feeling good enough already exists on the inside, and life does something to poke at it, that corrosive, sinking feeling alerts attention that something is wrong (and you add to this feeling these two words: with me). Something is wrong with me, you think. The feeling grows inside, and, if left unchecked, eats away at everything good about life. If unworthiness remains over time, physical signs and symptoms arise as an emotion always finds a way to express itself.  You can try to keep it away at an arm’s length, but unworthiness is still ambiguously there, and may show up as fatigue, congestion, sinusitis, a cold or flu, or asthma. The list goes on.

Unworthiness, in essence, is love in a state of confusion. Even if what you’re feeling is scary or challenging, push yourself to stay open. You are unwinding precognitive, even past life, beliefs about love. The mere act of reading, breathing and considering these concepts is, alone, healing.

Feelings of unworthiness, in it’s various forms, insidiously invite disease in and drive disease deep into our bodies. We carry feelings of unworthiness into life through birth, and we work to heal ourselves over a lifetime.

Unworthiness around issues of your body is related to the lungs. The lungs bring Spirit into physical form, and are the first system compromised when intuition is suppressed. The lungs take the initial physical brunt of separation from Universal Love.

When suppression affects the lungs, you feel separate from your body. You may feel as though your spirit hovers above your body. You may feel stuck in your head, a sensation identified particularly with negative thoughts about your body. These thoughts may be related to self-image or to the occasional strange sensation of being in a body.

There is more detail about how unworthiness affects the lungs in my book, Born to Heal.

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