Try This Free Core Level Awakening Practice!

How do you face your pain?…”

Try this practice:

Recall an issue in your life that has agitated you or sucked energy from you, either currently or in the past. If you’d like, you can write this down on a piece of paper, just to bring it out of your mind and into a tangible form..

Close your eyes and breathe deeper.

Place one hand palm flat on your lower abdomen.

Place the other hand flat over the center of your chest.

Take a long breath in. As you exhale, soften your abdomen.

Take 3-4 breaths like this. On the exhale, continue to soften your abdomen.

As you breathe, notice any sensation that occurs in your abdomen, pelvis, chest, throat, mouth, jaw, forehead, temples, etc.  Think of relaxing into that sensation.

As you settle into your body and begin to gain awareness of your physical sensations, open your eyes.

Now, without any censoring or sense of appropriateness, write freely in response to the following prompts. As you write, return your awareness to your bodily sensations —or lack thereof.

Finish each sentence by saying your response aloud. Pause between each sentence to notice how the sensations in your body change.


Right now the sensation that I am most aware of in my body is….

As I become more aware of this sensation I notice…

As I feel this sensation, the thoughts that arise in my mind are…

In my mind’s eye, I see…

If this sensation had a color it would be…

If this sensation had a texture it would be…

If this sensation had a motion it would be…

And if this sensation, color, texture motion were to speak without censoring itself, it would say….


Say that phrase aloud with more emphasis 2 or 3 times…

Complete this sentence:

This is true because…

Breathe deeply again and soften the abdomen.

Identify the age of the part of you that spoke aloud.


What was happening at that time in my life is…

What I really needed then that I didn’t receive is…

Breathe. Feel yourself opening to the sensations in your body.


If that younger part of me could speak about their needs they would say…

What this part of me really longs for is…

Feel yourself embracing the younger you.

Marinate in self compassion for a minute or so.  Note the presence of your Essence standing near the wounded part and feeling tenderness towards it.


The most loving, caring thing the current me could say to this younger part of my nervous system is…

With this process, you have entered into Core Level Awakening. Great Job! 

By repeating this process, you exercise your ability to feel into and through your pain.  Eventually, you will get to the bottom of what really matters most to you.

As you feel into and through your pain, a graceful presence often meets you. As you practice more of this work the spiritual realms you long for become more present. 

As a result, you will feel a deeper sense of connection with all of life.  Not just the luminous exalted spiritual realms, but the dark realms that are full of unintegrated life force.  On the CLA path, all dimensions of your being become fully and nakedly present.

This awakening feels incredible. It feels natural. It’s an embodied presence. You find yourself at ease with whatever emotion or sensation that moves through the body. 

You feel at home.

If, as a result of these prompts, you didn’t have an experience of discovery, or if your experience doesn’t match what is being described, then you may need help laying the groundwork for Core Level Awakening. My guidance can help you discover self-compassion and stronger connection to your own innate healing wisdom.  Or you may need personalized prompts that speak to your history, beliefs, or experiences. I can identify the next steps that will lead you to Core Level Awakening and act as your trusted guide.  

 Give the office a call at 541-465-9642 to hop on my schedule for CLA. All Love…Luke

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