How to Access Your Unrealized Aspirations

Life will present you with challenge. Some people may even feel threatened by your radiance. One reason I feel passionate about you taking up a regular life practice that will enhance your self-love, self-worth and empowerment, is for you to face such darkness with greater skill and poise. You can dillydally in the mundane world for so long. At some point, the desire to take a stand and do something awesome knocks on the door.

Try this exercise about answering that knock at the door from my book, Born to Heal:

  • In the middle of fear, doubt and insecurity, will I answer the call?
  • What am I waiting for? Why do I think I am not ready? Is that fear speaking or something else? What do I call that part of me?
  • Am I trying to give my energy to people who don’t want it? If so, is that working for me?

Share your beauty with those who are ready to receive it. You can spend a lifetime trying to save your family and friends. When they’re ready, they will let you know. Everyone has his/her/their own pace on the path and it’s not for you or me to know when the time has come. A higher sense of order and timing is at play. We only see what we need to see to finally bring things to light. Trust that the path will reveal itself. If you’re waiting for a sign, a lottery ticket, or someone to hand you a dream on a silver plate, it’s time to show yourself that you’re willing to invest energy in your dreams. It’s okay to be afraid. Fear is a powerful energy that can be transformed into enthusiasm, which in turns attracts the results you are looking for.

If you’re not expanding, you’re stagnating. Stagnant fear is a recipe for physical disease. Move your body, breathe and examine if you have a dream that is not fulfilled. The kidneys are the storehouse of dreams and aspirations yet realized. Allow yourself to remember an agreement you made with your Self, long before you ever came into this body. There is something you are here to do; something you are here to offer. It has to do with love. You are the only human being who can offer it. If you hesitate for too long, the opportunity will pass and you will eventually see another person offer what you felt nudged to. 

As long as you breathe, your dreams live within you. I believe in you. It takes discipline to rise above fear . There is a dimension of love and empowerment on the other side of hesitation that is ready to lift you up. Pierce through the initial layer of fear, call your heart forward, and allow your soul to carry you onward.

It’s a new year why not?

I am here, if you would like help getting over the hurdle of fear. Core Level Awakening is one of the best tools to help shake up stagnancy so you can answer the call and move forward in your life.

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