The Benefits of Turning Within

To grapple with yourself, to feel into and through the emotions that clang within our interior, to learn to discern the various textures, temperatures and flows of energy in the body, and know the highest way forward—this is the crux of the inner work. Awakening to your core level power is part of the journey, knowing how to skillfully bring it forward in service to the highest is the work of a lifetime.

Only through dilating awareness into a moment of previous constriction do we regain, reclaim and repurpose our life force. Inner work, also known as shadow work or healing work, is about bringing freedom to everything we love, self included. It’s activism in its most potent seeded form.

To sit with pain and breath around it, allowing the heart to throb towards what we once turned away from is a deeply heroic act, one that requires a space that is indelibly strong yet soft—a crucible and a sanctuary. This forging of self is the ultimate spiritual, emotional and physical conditioning. For the fiercest among us, life calls to move in this direction, knowing we engage in such work for a purpose beyond our own self.

In a world unraveled by the whims of world leaders, political movements and the latest viral mutation, who will lead? Who will do the difficult work of maturing—of meeting the sentinels of our wounds to reside with ever more stability in a deeply sane place within—and model it for others?

Life pushes all of us to heal and mature and we either choose to resist the call or embrace it. Resisting offers security, the familiarity that comes with trying to restrain life from evolving or pining for it to be great again. Embracing means pointing our bow line towards unknown waters and trusting we have the skills or will create them on the fly to navigate what lies before us.

Such navigation is not a haphazard endeavor. It requires training and practice, the curriculum being the contents of your life.

Let us dive in, utilizing every glance, minute gesture, intonation, deep exhalation, memory, subtle feeling, intuitive sense and more to track and catalyze awareness into greater dimensions of subtly, lit by an awakened energized sense of aliveness, filled with appreciation and poignancy for the swift movement of life that can never be held in place but only harnessed like an expert wave rider.

I created Core Level Awakening to help seekers like you and I along this heroic journey. Core Level Awakening illuminates and transforms your deepest wounds. We are not always meant to heal alone. As they say, “It takes a village.” I am honored to be a part of yours. 

Give the office a call at 541-465-9642 to make an appointment or email Oriona at [email protected] for more information.

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