Caterpillar to Butterfly Kinda Stuff

Cultivating a thriving spiritual, professional and personal life is what I’m up to in the world. I love promoting healing combined with creativity, innovation, and action as an expression of love and gratitude for self and life. It’s a tricky dance working with people with varied health concerns.

Some just want relief from symptoms, some want to go deeper, and some want to go to the deepest depths and make an offering from that place. I am happy and grateful holding space for people to heal and grow to whatever extent they are willing and able. What really lights my fire is people transforming. That is, letting go of an old way of being and moving into a new realm of being.

This takes massive courage

You could say life is all about transformation.

caterpillar to butterfly kinda stuff.

Being great at life is lowering your resistance to this natural phenomenon and hey, maybe even enjoying it a little.

Birth, life,death. Over and over. That’s it.

The Upanishads say this cycle is occurring all the time. In fact it is happening so fast, we don’t recognize it; like frames of a movie. Because we don’t see it, we experience life as if it were a continuous narrative. In reality it is not. Therefore in any given moment, you could choose to be any way you want. Cool! – and – Scary! “You mean, I’m responsible for how I experience life?”

Agggghhhhh! kinda funny. he! he! he!

Becoming responsible for your life doesn’t mean all your problems disappear. I wish! Sometimes I find myself on a great outward stroke of skillfully dealing with challenging situations. Other times the muscle to deal with issues becomes atrophied and the fear, dread, and monkey mind have a ball with my psychophysiology. This scenario: not so much fun as it can lead to physical manifestations, aka health issues. Access to love, power, and fulfillment lie in being fearless in face of your circumstances. Wherever your at with your journey, may it continue to unfold with ease and joy. May we link together and support one another on the path.

lovetolovetoloveya … Luke

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