What we do

My mission, my singular purpose for existing is to serve. More than anything I want you to be free; free from pain, free from suffering, free to know the peace and Love inside your heart ever more.

I believe we are here on Earth to love ourselves, each other, and to help one another on the journey if possible. I receive so much from my family, friends and community, and I have to share what I’ve received.

My staff and I stand to provide you with excellent, thorough and thoughtful service. If we cannot meet or exceed your expectations, we’ll find some one who can.

As I make a personal journey on my healing path I am thinking of you on yours , sending you compassion and love and acknowledging your blessings to me as well. It is my honor to serve you.  I cherish the opportunity to work with you and develop a life long relationship that supports our mutual growth, expansion of Love and gratitude for life.

My vision is that we are one family. Healing is melting the barriers between us so that Love flows freely.

With Love and respect, Luke

Luke Adler Healing serves via a three-fold configuration

  1. Transposes knowledge from the healing traditions of the East and West into structures that support the burgeoning and stabilization of healthy living.
  2. Deeply connects you to an inner source of healing by teaching you to methodically inquire into the underlying nature of illness.
  3. Provides tools and guidance to remove life decaying habits and behaviors and in their place establishes practices and perspectives that enhance vitality in respective areas of life.

The result is you become more and more self sufficient, self directed and immediately connected to an inner source of wellness. As wellness becomes the new normal, you may come in occasionally for an enhancement treatment to keep you clear and on your growing-edge.


At Luke Adler Healing we boast an 80 percent success rate treating orthopedic conditions. This is largely due to a technique called MPT (Microcurrent Positional Technique), which increases joint range of motion, regulates sinew and muscle elasticity, and increases blood profusion to affected areas, accelerating healing time.

We also specialize in the treatment of psycho-emotional disorders by using several therapies that address symptoms such as anxiety and depression while also employing powerful and gentle techniques that heal the root causes of such conditions. In addition we treat disorders related to: infertility, gynecology, colds and flu’s, complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, adjunct cancer care, tinnitus, headaches and many more.

Luke and his staff are committed to alleviating your pain and suffering by offering an environment that fosters gradual and steady healing that will leave you with results that last. Luke Adler Healing cares deeply about this community and is your resource for wellness and healing. We are honored to serve the wonderful people of Eugene and surrounding areas. We look forward to many more years together.