Oriona Turner, Certified EFT Practitioner

Certified EFT Practitioner

Complimentary Therapy Practitioner


My journey to becoming a healing facilitator has had many detours. However, no matter those detours or how many times I have resisted, my path has lead me back to the healing arts. I started off as a business major in the field of Hospitality Management. Next I moved into the profession of teaching in order to make a difference in the young lives of Montessori students. During and in between each job I’ve had, I enjoyed learning and practicing different healing modalities; such as Reiki, Sound Healing with crystal bowls, toning and tuning forks as well as Access Bars.

Fast forward to November 2016, I found myself as an Office Manager at Luke Adler Healing. That’s when everything changed. Upon being hired by Luke Adler , I attended an open house at the clinic that was open to all of the patients. I was standing in line waiting to taste some of the hors d’oeuvres and an intuitive feeling washed over me that I had met my tribe. Over the next 3 years, Luke Adler Healing became a learning lab for me in many ways and I couldn’t be more grateful. For instance, Luke became my mentor in order to learn how to facilitate breathwork one on one with people as well as in groups. I also developed and refined my skills in holding space for others in order for each one of them to be authentically seen and heard.

Out of all of the healing methods I have participated in and studied, Emotional Freedom Technique and Breakthrough Shadowwork have helped me create the most inner change. Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, came into my life at the perfect time. I was in an intimate relationship in which my abandonment and rejection issues were quite prevalent. My partner gently brought it to my attention and I knew in that moment it was time to face my past.

I knew about EFT from a friend who introduced it to me for help with other matters. So, I found a therapist that could incorporate tapping into my treatment and started the healing process. I dedicated myself to consistent therapy with Trinity Harris for many years and EFT was at the heart of helping me peel back many layers of my bruised and battered proverbial onion.¬†This complimentary therapy has changed my being so much that when it was time, I got trained and certified to offer it’s deep healing effects to you.

What is EFT?

An easy way to describe EFT is “self-acupuncture.” During an acupuncture treatment, the provider uses needles to stimulate qi through meridian points, or energy channels, in the body.¬† While employing EFT, however, one uses 1-2 fingers to tap on certain meridian points while using simple verbal cues that bring charged emotions and dense energy to the surface. By doing so, one is able to easily shift, release and/or move energy in the physical, emotional and energetic body. After an EFT session, one feels spacious, centered, clear and ready for the next steps.

What is involved in a session?

Each session is comprised of 3 parts: a check-in, an EFT session and then some energy work. The appointment is approximately 1 hour and each part lasts about 20 minutes. The “check-in” is an opportunity for you and I to connect. It is a time for you to be seen and heard as I actively listen and compassionately hold space for what is showing up for you in the moment. Next, we will using the Emotional Freedom Technique to tap, soothe and shift your body back into center. Last, I will use Reiki, breathwork or tuning fork therapy in order to integrate the work that was just accomplished.

I love holding space, caring for people and watching them shift from hopeless to hopeful, from grief-stricken to empowered and from stressed to calm. Thank you for allowing me to a part of your healing journey.