Oriona Turner, EFT/Tapping Counselor

I became a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Counselor because EFT has created such long-lasting positive change in my life. In fact, I am passionate about all of the services I offer because they support my healing and evolution. So, I know they can do the same for you.

I grappled with the effects of anxiety, depression and trauma for many years and didn’t even know it. When I found myself repeating the same patterns and cycles in life, I knew I needed some help. I was introduced to EFT through a friend and then began working with a talented counselor. She helped me gently move into the places where my heart needed to heal through talk therapy and EFT. I devoted several years to this work and fell in love with it while doing so. As a result, in 2020 I got certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques and stepped out to offer it, among my other services, to you.

What’s more is that if you have or know a child who may benefit from this work, I am happy to work with children ages 6 and up. I have an affinity for children as I was a Montessori teacher for 10 years and have even worked to create a healthy relationship with my own inner child. So, I relate well to them and can easily understand their point of view as to what may be happening in their world.

I love holding space, caring for people and watching them shift from hopeless to hopeful, from grief-stricken to empowered and from stressed to calm. Thank you for allowing me to a part of your healing journey.

Check out my website for more info. at easefulevolution.com.

Emotional Freedom Technique Demo