Did you know there are different kinds of herbs?

Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs are like medicines meant to help with specific symptoms or infections — and we have a fully stocked medicinal herbal pharmacy — because sometimes you just need to get a symptom under control FAST.

Tonic Herbs

Well these are NOT THE HERBS YOU’RE USED TO! They’re Adaptogens, and if you’re looking to make big changes in your health … look here. We’re not talking just a bit more energy or fighting off one cold … We’re talking bursting with abundant, calm energy and inspiration and having your immune system so tuned up it works like its supposed to.

Tonic Herbalism isn’t about symptom management, it’s about changing whatever caused the symptom in the first place — and that means getting your body’s own systems — like your immune system and your endocrine system (your HORMONES), your cardiovascular system, and all the other systems powered up and well balanced — so they’re fully fueled up and turning on and off at the right times.

And if it feels like trying to get healthy just doesn’t work for you, it’s possible the benefits from all the good food and exercise you’re getting are just leaking away. Stopping energy leaks is one of the great secrets of Tonic Herbalism. Schedule a consultation to find out if you have any major leaks and how to stop them!

Can herbs make you SMARTER? Maybe not, but they can bring out your inner wisdom and intuition. This might sound a bit “out there,” but these herbs help you develop your “Shen” or spirit — your peacefulness, wisdom, and compassion. Not many “supplements” can do this — and boy does it feel good.

It also makes a lot of difficult changes much, MUCH easier. So when you’re stuck in a rut of smoking, sugar, couch surfing, or diet coke — or you’ve reached a plateau and can’t seem to get to that next level of health — Tonic herbs can magically make it easier to change, even when that change has always been difficult (or impossible) for you in the past.

Can herbs make you younger and more beautiful? Tonic Herbalism is a Taoist branch of herbalism, and it’s got a LOT devoted to longevity, anti-aging, beauty, and sexual health — thousands of years of wisdom just waiting for you — don’t you want to experience that?

Give us a call, talk to the herbalist, and find out if herbs are right for YOU.