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You’re Invited to HEAL, a Free Community Event!

We haven’t gathered for in-person breathwork in nearly 3 years. I have missed connecting with you there. The breathwork events are my way of giving back to and building community. Community is a pillar of life. Community holds you through the hard times and celebrates you during the good times. Community is more than just… (more)

Learn a New Way to Belong

I have seen so many people’s hearts open and bodies heal when they gather in community. When members of a group are seen, heard and embraced for all that they are, miracles happen on an individual and collective level. I have experienced people come into meditation or breathwork events who are emotionally downtrodden, energetically drained,… (more)

Learn How to Thrive Rather than Survive

Seeking retreat is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. It is an act of self-love. You are no good to anyone or your life path if you’re exhausted from working so hard to keep it all together; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s a win-win when you take care of yourself. … (more)

Learn How to Relax Effortlessly

Where and how you relax after a long day or on vacation matters. I find myself most relaxed when I am in nature and near water. But true relaxation starts in the body. The body is the first location to consider when wanting to experience deep relaxation. The best way to experience deep relaxation in… (more)

What if Meditation Was Easy?

I have tried every meditation method out there. None of them are as effortless, healing, and rejuvenating as the one I teach at the Indigo Meditation Retreat.  There are no requirements to sit a certain way, to push away your thoughts, to suppress your feelings or to endlessly pound a mantra. The basics of it… (more)

Ready to Escape from the Mundane?

The semi-annual Indigo Meditation Retreat is nearly a month away and it is one of my favorite events to host. Teaching meditation is one of my passions. I grew up in a family that was dedicated to meditation and spiritual growth so I have been honored to pick up and carry the torch to teach others. The… (more)

Get Off the Fence & Go

The Men’s Core Level Awakening Summer Adventure Retreat is a week and a half away… We are slated to head up to a beautiful rustic cabin on the shores of the pristine waters of Crescent Lake nestled within the silence of the ponderosa pine forest which marks the beginning of the high desert plateau. I’ve… (more)

How a Men’s Retreat Changed My Life

I, like most boys, grew up being told to, “Man up,” “Suck it up,” or “Stop being a crybaby.” Throughout my life, I played sports and it was acceptable even encouraged to be tough or macho. If you got hurt, you stood up, brushed it off and kept playing. There is value in that, but it doesn’t teach you… (more)

Men’s Core Level Awakening Adventure Retreat

The world has changed. And the character that’s needed to address society’s issues has changed with it. Grinding through life head down with brute force is not well suited to meet such challenges. Allowing reactivity to take center stage accompanied by perpetual burnout is not the recipe for vitality and a unified world. A way of being… (more)

What Can Happen for You at a Core Level Awakening Retreat…

Core Level Awakening provides an environment to explore, awaken, heal and reintegrate aspects of you that have been turned off in order to survive. Your pain and suffering are harbingers of your soul longing for reintegration into your core, your deepest Heart. Life is too short and often too challenging to stay in the familiar depths… (more)

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