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Kileen Explains How Microneedling Works

Microneedling with Kileen Coffin, L.Ac… I am sure you are wondering how I help my patients receive facial rejuvenation without Botox or fillers. I use microneedling, which means instead of traditional acupuncture needles, I use a micropen by AcuLift that has tiny built-in needles that naturally brings life back to skin and helps it feel more… (more)

Breathwork and Soundbath Event This Month!

Reconnect, Breathe and Shift on Thurs, Dec 21st from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm… As the Oregon winter settles in, let’s welcome the return of the light. The pull towards darkness and stagnation is always present, but even more so during the dark days of winter. Let the love of community and the power of… (more)

The Missing Link to True Power & Great Sex

You can listen to the interview on: iTunes , Spotify,  Google, TuneIn,  iHeart Radio, and Shana’s Website If you enjoy it, please do me a favor and leave a review and let us know what part made the biggest impact! Love… Luke

How Paula Was Led to Sound Healing

I began my interest in how sound affects our mental, physical and spiritual states with my yoga practice in 2004, and later teacher training in 2008. As a yoga teacher, I began to deepen asana practice with mantra, prayers bowls and kirtan. I could always sense a palpable difference in classes when these tools were implemented. I… (more)

Need a Breakthrough? Try Breathwork…

Breathwork is what I prescribe when you are feeling stuck and you’ve done everything you can do to heal or resolve an issue. It is a healing method that uses an ancient breathing technique to quiet the mind and release deep seated impressions, emotions, and latent pathogens from the physical and subtle  energy system. By letting go… (more)

Shadow Work is the New Aphrodisiac

Discover How Shadow Work Can Make You Sexy… Shadow work is popular in the personal growth community, and for good reason — it can be deeply transformational. Many people report deeper and more lasting shifts with shadow work than with years of talk therapy. But what’s talked about less often is how sexy shadow work… (more)

I Tried Them All & This One Technique Actually Works…

What if Meditation Was Easy? I have tried every meditation method out there. None of them are as effortless, healing, and rejuvenating as the one I teach at the Roaring Heart Meditation Retreat.  There are no requirements to sit a certain way, to push away your thoughts, to suppress your feelings or to endlessly pound… (more)

Get Enlightened by Getting Intimate

The Journey from Enlightenment to Intimacy… Once again my teaching partner, Jason Lange, and I dive into a nuanced and sometimes confused distinction– Enlightenment and Intimacy. For decades I chased the Big E – enlightenment. At some point, I realized there was an entire swath of the path I had given little credence to, the path… (more)

Cracking Open

What it takes to break open your vitality and passion for life… Jason Lange and I dive in to the phenomenon of cracking open.  What does it mean to crack open? What are the mechanics of a deep opening? Why is it useful on the healing journey? The body/mind is one. A deep opening includes… (more)

Give Your Being the Blessing of Meditation

Meditation holds significant importance due to its wide-ranging benefits for mental, emotional, and even physical well-being.… Here are some reasons why meditation is considered important to your overall health: These benefits highlight the importance of incorporating meditation into one’s lifestyle. However, it’s important to note that meditation is a practice that requires consistency and patience… (more)

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