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How Unresolved Trauma Creates Disease

The inception of disease occurs in a moment. Life moves along smoothly, and then suddenly, in a flash, something happens that triggers a feeling of diminishment. A simple, seemingly insignificant, event can initiate a silent progression of physical illness. The decline may happen slowly or rapidly, or even remain latent until a future event. But… (more)

Sometimes It’s How You Eat Not What You Eat

Food is delicious. I love to eat good food and really enjoy the distinct flavors, textures, tastes, and temperatures in a meal. Like food, the body comes from the earth and is eventually transformed by and back into the earth. In all modalities of healing, from East to West, how you nourish yourself is believed… (more)

The Benefits of Turning Within

To grapple with yourself, to feel into and through the emotions that clang within our interior, to learn to discern the various textures, temperatures and flows of energy in the body, and know the highest way forward—this is the crux of the inner work. Awakening to your core level power is part of the journey,… (more)

Have You Met Your People?

Community is critical for healing and growth… I have seen so many people’s hearts open and bodies heal when they gather in community. When members of a group are seen, heard and embraced for all that they are, miracles happen on an individual and collective level. I have experienced people come into meditation or breathwork… (more)

Relieve Your Pandemic Fatigue

The mask mandate has been lifted for the moment and I feel such a sense of relief and elation to see the faces of the people in our community again. The weight on my shoulders feels lighter and there is more freedom when I go out to socialize in the world. It almost feels back… (more)

How to Reach True Relaxation

Location matters when it comes to relaxation. You certainly don’t find yourself smiling with relief when you are at the doctor’s office or sitting in the midst of a messy living room. So, where and how you relax after a long day or on vacation matters. I find myself feeling relaxed when I am in… (more)

Learn One of the Best Ways to Escape

Escape…you do it, I do it…and we all do it in different ways. I like to escape through activities like running, surfing, and shopping, but my favorite is meditation. I have found it to be the most satisfying way to let go of busyness and sink into relaxation. I have tried many different methods of… (more)

Learn How to Align with Your Life Purpose

The heart allows us to feel a diverse landscape of emotion, but the very highest feeling we can experience is Supreme Love. And this love that is so high, so beyond mental comprehension, is the very source of all life. It is the engine that sustains all facets of life, and transitions us through and beyond… (more)

How to Raise Your Standard of Relationship Intimacy

In popular culture there is a belief that commiserating with a friend or partner’s pain and emotional wounds deepens intimacy. In the treatment room, a patient may become belligerent with me as a way to make me feel and experience their pain. The unconscious idea is, “When you feel how bad my pain is, then… (more)

How Being Present Affects Your Health

On a global level, consumption of the Earth’s resources mirrors the personal utilization of resources represented by the human body’s organ systems. In Chinese medicine, the spleen’s role in the internal ecosystem is to process, assimilate, and digest nutrients. The spleen’s nutrients come from carbohydrates, fat and protein. In addition to the digestion of food,… (more)

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