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What if You Could Be More Free?

This podcast is about my journey to the ledge of freedom. I talk about the goals for my life and how I am reaching them through relationship. I also describe the psycho-spiritual work that I have gone through, and now offer to others through Core Level Awakening, to reach emotional awareness, depth and intimacy. Lastly,… (more)

Take Chances on New Experiences

I have seen so many people’s hearts open and bodies heal when they gather in community. When members of a group are seen, heard and embraced for all that they are, miracles happen on an individual and collective level. I have experienced people come into meditation or breathwork events who are emotionally downtrodden, energetically drained,… (more)

What if Meditation Was Easy?

I have tried every meditation method out there. None of them are as effortless, healing, and rejuvenating as the one I teach at the Roaring Heart Meditation Retreat.  There are no requirements to sit a certain way, to push away your thoughts, to suppress your feelings or to endlessly pound a mantra. The basics of… (more)

How Retreat Can Mean Different Things…

Seeking retreat is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. It is an act of self-love. You are no good to anyone or your life path if you’re exhausted from working so hard to keep it all together; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s a win-win when you take care of yourself. … (more)

How to Reach True Relaxation

Let Your Body Lead the Way Location matters when it comes to relaxation. You certainly don’t find yourself smiling with relief when you are at the doctor’s office or sitting in the midst of a messy living room. So, where and how you relax after a long day or on vacation matters. I find myself… (more)

Is the Ledge of Freedom Right for You?

When choosing a program that has been developed to change your life, there is a lot to consider. It is a time and financial commitment, but most importantly, a commitment to your Self. The decision to join The Ledge of Freedom is about following your heart’s calling which takes bravery and a leap of faith…. (more)

Freedom is More than Being Worry-free

My new program, The Ledge of Freedom, brings all of me to the table. It will support you to: The Details Pricing Allow me and The Ledge of Freedom to support you in reaching deep within to find your best, and designing a lifestyle that allows you to show up daily with inspiration, joy and… (more)

The Ledge of Freedom

Become Unstoppable in Manifesting Your Vision Life eventually, asks for everything you got. It asks for your best and then more. It knocks you down and sometimes keeps punching. The Ledge of Freedom is about getting back up, reaching deep within to find your best, and designing a lifestyle that allows you to show up… (more)

How Unworthiness Shows Up Physically

Unworthiness is the seed experience that perpetuates the illusion that you are separate… When not feeling good enough already exists on the inside, and life does something to poke at it, that corrosive, sinking feeling alerts attention that something is wrong (and you add to this feeling these two words: with me). Something is wrong… (more)

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