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Building a Relationship with Yourself Can Heal Your Body

According to Chinese medicine, different emotions reside in different organs. Each of these organ systems contains emotional and spiritual functions as well as specific physical functions. When the sequence of separation is activated, that is, whenever you suppress your emotions, the organs pick up the physiological slack for one another. Rather than easefully flowing into… (more)

To Express or Suppress? How Emotions Affect Your Organs

For a long time I viewed emotion as random, volatile and unpredictable. Then I noticed a sequence to emotion rooted in physiology. As I peered more deeply into the pattern, I realized what my predecessors had discerned thousands of years ago, that suppressed emotion affects organ function in a sequence. As I worked with emotionally… (more)

Stop Feeling Separate

Emotion is a compass that points to your heart. Your heart connects you to your soul. Suppressed emotions result in feeling separate from your soul. Separation from your soul is perpetuated by suppression of your emotions. Suppression perpetuates the myth that you are separate from all that fills you with joy. It is hard to… (more)

Learn How to Express What You Suppress

One of my mentors, David Elliott, says “You are either exactly like the people that bother you or you suppress what they express.” When you can own that part of you, accept it and have compassion for yourself, you will heal both yourself and the people around you. Consider that what most bothers you about… (more)

How Commitment Strengthens Your Intuition

Commitment can trigger notions of forever, be it from the “till-death-do-us-part” variety or through feelings of imprisonment. Lonny Jarrett offers a different framework for the frightening word. He writes, “Commitment is the ability to be 100% present in any given situation.” Commitment allows you to be fully invested in the moment regardless of whether you… (more)

Stop Second Guessing Yourself

Everyday you are faced with decisions to make. Some of them are easy to make, some are difficult, and others are surrounded in “what ifs” and confusion. Those big decisions that have many layers and create ripple effects can be the most heartwrenching, but also the most rewarding. Let’s say you are stuck in a… (more)

Learn How to Use Your True Talents

Find your real purpose and create more meaning in your life… When you are trudging through your “To Do” List for the week, does a thought ever cross your mind like, “Is this all there is to life?…Isn’t there something else I am supposed to be doing?” YES. You are meant for more than feeding your children,… (more)

Who Wins? Your Intellect or Intuition?

Intuition is the intelligence of the heart. It is natural and instinctive. Intuition is the ability to respond effectively from the awareness of the heart in any situation. Intuition arises freely when the heart is unencumbered by concerns of the past and future. It is the ability to be present on a subtle level of… (more)

How the Nine Pains of the Heart Affect You

Classical Chinese medicine teaches there are nine “palaces” that you enter at various stages of life to learn lessons. Each palace helps you make progress within life’s curriculum. When you struggle with the lessons in one of the nine palaces, you can develop heart pains that weaken the heart’s capacity to interpret guidance from the… (more)

Are You Living in Fight-or-Flight Mode?

In Chinese medicine, it is said that within each organ resides a spirit or specialized energetic function that relates to an energetic and spiritual sense of being.  The lungs house the corporeal soul, called the Po (pronounced “Paw”). The Po provides a sense of bodily awareness: a knowing about where your body starts and ends in physical… (more)

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