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Which Lesson of the Heart are You Learning Now?

Classical Chinese medicine teaches there are nine “palaces” that you enter at various stages of life to learn lessons. Each palace helps you make progress within life’s curriculum. When you struggle with the lessons in one of the nine palaces, you can develop heart pains that weaken the heart’s capacity to interpret guidance from the… (more)

What Spiritual Bypassing Does to Your Body

The law of spiritual bypass states that there is no entry to the next level of growth if you have omitted or failed to complete any previous part of the spiritual path. The law of spiritual bypass means that you cannot skip over vital stages of life learning and expect to grow. Wherever you are… (more)

The Roaring Heart Meditation Retreat is in May!

Register now for an Early Bird discount! (see below) I teach an easy meditation practice that allows you to access profound peace and wholeness. By the end of the retreat, you will have a thorough understanding of how to meditate effectively and access the deep healing space that your body,mind and soul naturally have access to…. (more)

How Being Present Affects Your Health

It starts by being in the present moment.… On a global level, consumption of the Earth’s resources mirrors the personal utilization of resources represented by the human body’s organ systems. In Chinese medicine, the spleen’s role in the internal ecosystem is to process, assimilate, and digest nutrients. The spleen’s nutrients come from carbohydrates, fat and… (more)

What Are You Craving on Your Healing Journey?

All of us on the healing journey long for a particular experience…Can you name it? This experience begins as a quiver when we’re guided to make tender contact with a deep wound, existential fear, unmet need, or long silenced emotional truth.  It reverberates throughout our whole being when our broken heart is cracked wide open to include… (more)

Try This Free Core Level Awakening Practice!

How do you face your pain?…” Try this practice: Recall an issue in your life that has agitated you or sucked energy from you, either currently or in the past. If you’d like, you can write this down on a piece of paper, just to bring it out of your mind and into a tangible… (more)

How to Stop Fighting the Inner War

Say this to yourself,  “The only way through is in…” Can you sense the wisdom in those words?  When your heart is broken and your life is uninhabitable and you feel stuck in place, the idea that the only way through is in is likely to move something within you. For some who’ve grown tired… (more)

Signs You are Reacting from Your Shadow Side

Everyone has a shadow side and everyone reacts from that shadow side from time to time. However, sometimes one’s shadow can take over and a person begins to live from a constricted, mercurial heart space. The shadow side of a person is created by life circumstances such as upbringing, societal influences, trauma and abuse. The… (more)

Face Your Dragons. Unleash Your Life Force.

We all carry shadow elements – parts of ourselves that are hidden, disowned or have been frozen in time. These parts can carry great energetic cost to us, siphoning our vitality and bringing dis-ease to our sense of well-being. These are shadow elements because we are often either unaware of their existence, or if we… (more)

How Commitment Strengthens Your Intuition

Commitment can trigger notions of forever, be it from the “till-death-do-us-part” variety or through feelings of imprisonment. Lonny Jarrett offers a different framework for the frightening word. He writes, “Commitment is the ability to be 100% present in any given situation.” Commitment allows you to be fully invested in the moment regardless of whether you… (more)

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