Dr. Luke Adler, DACM

Dr. Luke Adler, (Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine) DACM, is an intuitive and compassionate healer, teacher and author who empowers clients with the tools to heal themselves. At his retreats, trainings and during one on one sessions he creates an environment for you to make contact with your inner wisdom and innate healing intelligence. He facilitates deep relationship with your self which extends into relationships with your loved ones.

He helps people uncover and translate their experience of love into meaningful actions that make a difference in the world. Luke has a gift of placing his attention on different aspects of your mind, body and spirit for you to awaken to what’s not working and allow love to facilitate healing. With over twenty years of meditation experience, he is a gifted teacher of various healing and spiritual practices for the novice and advanced practitioner.

A Synergistic Integrated Approach to Healing

Meditation, bodywork, acupuncture, microcurrent therapy, breathwork, essential oils, therapeutic dialogue, synergistically combined with a clinical and intuitive approach to healing.

I started my professional healing career in the early 2000’s practicing deep tissue massage, craniosacral therapy, jin shin do acupressure, shiatsu, and qi gong energy healing.

Getting my hands on people, I am able to gain tremendous information about one’s health and how and where life force is stuck and weakened. As I combine the deep wellspring of knowledge from Chinese medicine and acupuncture along with my training in meditation, transformation, and psychology from a Chinese medicine perspective, my approach to healing is dynamic and eclectic. It integrates the emotional, with the spiritual, mental and physical.

Heading into two decades of practice and all the lessons learned form working with thousands of people one-on-one and in group settings, my ability to grasp where people are in their lives, in terms of health and emotional/spiritual welfare, combines a deep compassion with fiery motivation and encouragement for step-by-step healing and breakthroughs to occur.

I love to hold a space for people to see themselves and their relationships with greater compassion.  Courage is required to look deeply into the origins of your wounds. When you gain intimacy with all that you are, you are able to become closer with people in your life. You can maintain a sense of centeredness and individuality while becoming incredible intimate with your family and friends. For me this is the goal of life and the goal of healing. What is the use of abundance, in any sense, if you cannot deeply share it with others?

I feel so blessed to be let into people’s lives. If you’re truly ready to move past what keeps you stagnant, rutted and anxious, give my office a call. I’d love to be your companion on this journey of intimacy with all that we are and all that we love. Hope to see you soon. Love… Luke


Luke’s interest in healing stems from his deep love of spirituality. As his spiritual teachers say, “See God in each other.” This teaching is at the source of Luke’s approach to healing, “Seeing the client as unbroken is essential to furthering the possibility of wellness and joy. Life is so brief. If we can cultivate the courage and lighthearted necessary to examine the parts of ourselves that we’d rather suppress, we might not only heal, but have some fun while we’re at it.” As his own healing journey unfolds, Luke enjoys simple moments with his growing family and friends.