Oils & supplements

Lao Tzu’s Way

general anxiety and stress reduction, helps keep the mind clam and focused. Calms the Spirit, Nurtures the Heart. The main ingredients of this formula open the liver congestion.

Earth Harmonizer Digestion

a Tibetan formula used to help regulate the entire digestive system. Works rapidly to improve digestion and assimilation. Also take for chronic IBS, chronic constipation.

Hanuman Fortifier Cold and Flu

take (to help ward off) at the first signs of cold and flu. Often stops the progression very rapidly. Great protection for airplane travel.

Dream Guardian Sleep

promotes a restful and refreshing sleep with no morning after side effects. Helps relax the mind and body to help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.

Diamond Passage

typical seasonal head cold symptoms of congestion, green or yellow phlegm, and minor chest congestion. Anti-microbial and decongesting action.

Endocrine Fortifier

a deep acting Blood and Qi tonic. Improves energy and blood circulation and help stabilize female hormones. This formula is ideal for elderly women to take regularly.

Luke’s Energizer Tonic

this powerful formula is a great overall tonic for athletes that are pushing themselves to the limit and need that extra nutritional support to boost performance and to protect against illness and fatigue. Also for ordinary people overworking and taxing their immune and nervous systems. This formula comprises a nice blend of tonic and adaptogenic herbs which can increase stamina and overall physical performance.

Mountain Lion Libido

a potent and powerful blend of tonic herbs to help stimulate the sexual centers in both men and women. Can be used for increased sexual performance and desire. For desired effect, take a couple of hours before activity.


Sacred Roots

A blend of fir, spruce, cedar and other tree oils energetically used for grounding and clearing the first chakra. Use this blend for bronchitis, sinusitis and flu. Apply directly on muscle aches, sites of rheumatism and bruises. The first chakra is located at the base of the spine in the vicinity of the sacrum and pubic bone. This chakra is associated with the earth, survival, and desire to be in the physical world. In an excess state, this can lead to being overly possessive. When deficient, one can feel homeless, ungrounded or victimized.

Sexual Freedom

A blend of South African peppermint, Italian helichrysm and other refined essential oils. This blend should be part of your first aid kit as it eases shock, dizziness and general weakness. As a chest rub, this oil is a powerful expectorant with acute congestion accompanying the cold or flu. Sexual Freedom is used for clearing stagnant energy from the hips and pelvis. Use this oil to unleash your creativity. The second chakra, located just below the umbilicus, is associated with polarity, pleasure, and desire for emotional and sexual expression. When the second chakra is an excess state of imbalance one can experience manipulative and controlling behavior. When deficient, there can be co-dependency, martyrdom or submissive behavior.


A blend of clary sage, cedar and other essential oils. Use this blend topically for wound healing, as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.  Surrender is used to aid in digestive issues as well as issues of control and exerting your will upon others or vice versa. The third chakra, located in the region of the solar plexus is associated with fire, individual willpower, self-esteem and vitality. In excess this leads to egotism and self-absorption. When deficient it is associated with poor self-worth or feeling disliked.

Awakened Heart

A blend of four varieties of rose, including rare Rajasthan rose, night and dawn blooming jasmine, Madagascar ylang-ylang, Indian blue lotus and other exotic essential oils. Use this blend to increase mental clarity and lift the spirit. This is a superior blend to address any emotional pathology, i.e. severe mood swings, bi polar disorder, and borderline personality disorder. Apply this blend undiluted on shingles to ease viral load. Awakened Heart is used to open the Heart chakra and facilitate the energy of love. The fourth chakra, positioned on the sternum even with the fifth rib, is associated with air, equilibrium, love and openheartedness. In excess the Heart chakra can display inappropriate emotional expression and poor emotional boundaries. When deficient one can feel ruthless, accompanied by the inability to feel emotions.

Crystal Voice

A blend of Kashmiri lavender, cedar and other essential oils. Use this blend to soothe nervous exhaustion, adrenal overdrive, worry, chronic fatigue and shock. Massage a few drops on the chest for high blood pressure, palpitations and anxiety. Crystal voice is used to clear lung and throat pathologies and support in expressing your voice and sense of inner truth. The fifth chakra, situated in the neck region, is associated with sound, vibration, communication and the desire to speak and hear truth. In excess this can show up as controlling or judgmental behavior. When deficient one can exhibit lacking faith and the inability to creatively express.

Sacred Fire

A blend of Peruvian palo santo, white sage and cedar, three sacred substances. Sacred Fire is used ceremonially and for daily living to clear stagnant and negative energy. The sixth chakra can be found slightly above the eyebrow region on the midline and is considered the chakra of the mind representing light, luminosity, intuition and self-reflection. In excess one can appear overly intellectual or analytical and when deficient on can experience unclear or deluded thoughts.


A blend of Ethiopian frankincense, Kashmir lavender and several other essential oils. Use as a mouthwash for gingivitis. Add a drop of illumination to three ounces of water for use as a mouthwash. This blend is great to transform grumpiness, negative moods and low self-esteem.  Illumination is used on the crown chakra to open a connection with Spirit and communion with the higher sense of being and knowledge. The seventh chakra is above or at the top of the head. This chakra symbolizes the bliss of pure consciousness, the recognition and the desire to know oneself and the universe. In excess one can be seen as an ego-maniac and when deficient one can feel no spiritual inspiration.



A blend of Roman blue chamomile, Rajasthan rose, rose infused marula and other essential oils. Add a few drops in a bath to ease tension from a rough day. The varietal of chamomile in Blessings contains azulene, a deep blue crystal with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Blessings is used to offer and receive grace, goodwill to and from the universe and especially to yourself. Blessings is the holy water of essential oil blends.

Heart Melter

A blend of Himalayan cinnamon, orange, cedar and other essential oils. Use this oil when the walls of your heart are starting to close, and you are losing receptivity with Spirit. This blend melts the heart and opens the flow of love and wisdom. My wife inspired this oil, because she has the ability to soften my stubbornness, helping me to see the bigger picture.


A blend of lemon, orange, lemon balm and additional essential oils. Lemon excites pleasure circuits in the brain and can stop acute and chronic pain quickly. This blend calms tendencies of emotional out-bursts, eases depression, and strengthens the immune system. Akrodha is a Sanskrit word that means freedom from anger. Use Akrodha to help see what is hidden beneath the smokescreen of anger.

What are the differences between the sprays or the oils?

The sprays deliver the oils in a fine mist that calms the subtle body quickly. Sometimes after a rough day at work, I’ll bath myself in the sprays by misting them over my head, neck and face. Instantly, I can feel the grimy thick energy from the day dissipate. My colleagues and I call the phenomenon getting Guuuuooeed; where you feel like someone, energetically vomited all over you. You’re left feeling gross, sticky, and goooeey. The sprays takes that stuff off you.