Kileen Coffin L.Ac.

Licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and yoga teacher. Over the past decade Kileen has learned the most from her patients. Witnessing the body’s remarkable ability to heal itself when given focused attention to the parts that are calling to be rebalanced. Her dedication to her career is continuously evolving through education and witnessing her patients succeed.

 Kileen has been fortunate enough to work with a range of communities and has completed advanced trainings in pain management, cupping therapy and women’s health including, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum care and hormonal balancing with leading practitioner’s, midwives and doulas.

You can expect a longer initial intake process for internal medical concerns and a slightly shorter intake with a more hands on approach for pain management. Leaving with a clear treatment plan and explanation of findings from a blend of both western and eastern medical perspectives.

Approach to treatment

Every person is unique. Therefore, their treatments should be as well. This is the exciting aspect of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. We don’t look at you and say, These are your symptoms, so take this pill the rest of your life. We look at you and ask, Why do you have these symptoms, and how can we eliminate what is causing them?

Kileen considers you as a whole person, looks at how everything is working in your body both physically and emotionally, then prescribes the best treatment plan specific to you.

Treatments are designed to release local muscle tension, allowing energy and blood to flow freely, easing your symptoms of pain. She not only focuses on the local areas of pain, but also takes a systemic approach to your wellness, incorporating distal points that help relieve mental and physical stress, nourish the body, and give you more energy while at the same time making you feel more relaxed.

There are hundreds of acupuncture points on the body, each with multiple actions and indication. She can create and change point prescriptions based on what is going on that day, and also treat multiple conditions within one treatment.

Using traditional acupuncture methods to relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation, but there may be underlying muscles that are weak and not supporting you properly throughout your daily activities


A native to Oregon, Kileen graduated from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and shortly after completed a Doula training in Bali.  In 2018 she was named as one of Portland’s top providers for practitioners of complimentary medicine. She also graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Her passion is learning and movement. In her free time you may find her being active outdoors, climbing at the gym or enrolled in an art class. Connecting with her community in a variety of ways brings her great joy.