Healer Studies

What is it?

Everyone is a healer. Everyone heals. Your presence is healing. The capacity of your presence to be healing for others can increase. You don’t have to be a professional healer to take Healer Studies. All you need is the desire to help other’s heal. By healing yourself, your ability to hold space for different types of stagnant energy to heal, expands. You will be able to help people, just by being with them or thinking of them. If you want to make healing work a profession or part of a profession then Healer Studies will support that as well.

Healer Studies teaches you to develop a relationship with your inner healer, as you learn to facilitate healing sessions for others. You discover practices and tools to serve the world with the intention to raise the vibration of Universal Love. You’ll understand how to create environments for others to experience a connection with the Universe. Healer Studies is for anyone who feels called to bring more depth and inspiration into professional and personal life and have more fun with the people you love.

Holding a healing space is a high honor. The healer heals by looking at his or her own reflection with every interaction. By being vulnerable, the healer inspires vulnerability, which acts as a bridge for Grace to heal. Healing is innate. It’s always happening. The Universe impels each of us deeper into our Essence. By feeling into the pulls and nudges of the Universe through your body and life, you learn to cooperate with Universal guidance. You heal the sense of wounded separation from Love. Healing is the evolving and deepening realization that you are whole, complete and perfect exactly as you are right now. There is nothing to fix or change, only this moment to embrace and unconditionally love.

The breath is the first part of your being effected during stress or trauma. You hold your breath; breathe shallowly or rapidly when something catches you by surprise. If you don’t make time to process the stressor, you store the imprint of the event in your physical tissues. The breath is a powerful modulator to get people out of their habitual ways of running energy and become aware of the stagnant patterns that limit their experience of Universal Love. In the same way that the breath facilitates prolonging illness, in the Training we use the breath to free up the moments of past pain and stress emotional or physical.

Healer Studies consists of five levels that can be taken in any order. The focus of this series is the interrelationship of the spiritual, energetic, and physiological functions of the five major organs of the body as dictated by the Taoist healing tradition: the heart, the lungs, the liver, the spleen, and the kidneys. After completing any one class you will be able to offer healing sessions to others. Upon completion of the entire series you will receive a Healer Studies Certification in Nourishing the Healer Series.

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Healer Studies Breakdown

Level 1

Enter the Field of the Heart is the first level of Nourishing the Healer focused on the heart system. This class examines what it means to hold space. Whatever shows up in any arena of your life is what you hold space for. This part of the class looks at how to make more room for the Universe to move through all aspects of your life. The class continues with how to create layers of sacred space, pulling from your own lineage traditions and teaching you prayers and ceremony to acknowledge the presence of the Universe in your life and work. You will work in partners and learn the initial stages to facilitate healing for others through the breathwork meditation. Throughout the Healer Studies Series you will learn tools and methods to create a safe potent space for others to have an experience of their Inner Light. Enter the Field of the Heart delves into developing your intuition. The course will help you refine your subtle sense capacities to hear, feel, sense, see and know into deeper layers of truth in your life.

Level 2

The Power of Embodiment is the second level of Nourishing the Healer Series focused on the lungs. This class delves into the power of skillfully speaking your truth especially in the relationships that are the most challenging. This class continues the emphasis on self cultivation with the practices of seated meditation and layers in more practice with breathwork facilitation. Energetically the lungs provide the sense of your spirit being embodied. You will learn methods to track aspects of your spirit that left and leave your body and learn to reintegrate them in a way that feels safe and whole. The Power of Embodiment looks at how and when to transform the energy of control into letting go and forgiveness as powerful frequencies for healing.

Level 3

Open to Your Divine Purpose is the third level of Nourishing the Healer Series focused on the liver. What is your divine purpose? What has the Universe Purposed for you to offer this lifetime? This course examines how to align with your Divine purpose. What does it feel like when you are aligned with the Universe? What does it feel like when you are not aligned with the Universe? Open to Your Divine purpose looks at your relationship to anger and how to use anger as a powerful ally to align with your purpose and actualize your dreams. This class asks how do you find flow and ease in the midst of stress, fatigue and challenge?  As you facilitate breathwork, you will support your partner to connect with any pieces of the past or future that feel fragmented to bring healing and wholeness to the present moment.

Level 4

Embrace Universal Community is the fourth level of Nourishing the Healer series focused on the spleen. The spleen teaches you how to relate to others and give and receive love and respect in relationships. In this course you will learn how to facilitate breathwork in groups and lead healing work in community. Embrace Universal Community looks into the tendency to ingratiate and the archetype of the wounded healer who gives without refueling his or her own cup. You will learn to connect with the energy of the Earth as a powerful ally for nourishing yourself and others.

Level 5

Awakening the Warrior Within is the fifth level of Nourishing the Healer series focuses on the kidneys. The kidneys are said to be the container for your life lessons. Ultimately spiritual practices are designed for you to build the strength needed to face the darkest parts of yourself. In Awakening the Warrior Within you will learn to work with the darkest of your fears, sexual energy, and what the Buddhist tradition calls rakshasic energies — possession of dark forces. As you gain skill in working with your own dark side you will be able to support others through these most difficult spaces to heal. You will work with the breath to guide others into and through some of these spaces and help connect the darkness to the light.

Topics covered in HS 5:

  • Transforming your deepest wounds into a source of your greatest strength
  • Developing fierce compassion
  • Gaining intimacy with how reactivity, dissociation, suppression show up in you
  • How do be a healthy whistle blower and practice conscious transparency in order to create more intimacy and trust
  • Knowing your sexual energy
  • Working shame and toxic sexual shame
  • Exploring abuse and how this energy may move thru your lineage
  • Exploring how to work with sexual predator energy
  • Understanding emotional and sexual numbness
  • Boundaries and ethics around sexual energy with the work
  • The myth of consenting adults and authentic consent
  • Freeing sex from the obligation to make you feel better by discharging unintegrated shadow material.
  • How to work with and facilitate difficult and resistant people

Other Amazing Events:

Roaring Silence of the Heart Meditation Retreat

The practice that gets at the deep accretions from past suppression is seated meditation. I’ve designed the Roaring Silence of the Heart Meditation Retreat to be a comprehensive introduction and immersion into the practice of meditation, perfect for a newcomer and equally potent of the seasoned practitioner.

You will thoroughly learn how to meditate correctly to bring forward the experience of enlightenment.

In a short period of time with regular practice you will witness your progress on the path that will translate into you being more effective in your career, relationships, finances and so on. This is a practice for people who want to develop their spiritual lives and be effective in the real world.

I love these retreats. I’ve watched some of the most stuck people transform as result of meditation. To truly learn to meditate and be able to replicate the experience of deep mediation on your own coming to one of these retreats is essential. I whole-heartedly encourage you to join me for an ecstatic experience of healing, insight and love.

Universal Warrior of Compassion Meditation Training

The power of healing that occurs in your presence is in proportion to the quality of space you hold for the Universe to move through you. Real transformation, lasting healing occurs because people experience a new possibility for their lives. Something new cannot be something recycled, rebranded, reformatted from something in the past. To speak plainly, something new has to come from God. To bring true inspiration forward, first go within.

The intention of the UWC Meditation Training is to prepare you to do healing work in the world whether it be professional or more informally. Learn to establish a regular practice that feeds your work to uplift the planet. To offer service overtime, your mind, body and spirit must be tended to. You need a practice that cleanses and releases the psychic accumulations of interacting with the external world.

You need a practice that strengthens your central nervous system to hold increasing potencies of Universal Light. You need a practice that you can dive into and be rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for the next task, a practice that transforms you into a Universal Warrior of Compassion. Wield the full power of the Light through you and hold a space where others can come and have an experience of their inner Light.


“My healer path was blessed by Luke’s first Healer Retreat. The breathing technique activated two profound transformations- or shifts. As Luke explained, now that I see these things, I have the choice to use them and remember them as I create my life on an ongoing basis. Safety is the critical element for this work- and Luke provides that through the space, his energy, and how he guides the individuals participating. His teachings can apply to many levels- so there is what each of us gains at the time, and what continues to unfold in our lives after our retreats with Luke. The light shines brighter because of this work.” – Anonymous

“Healer Studies was my first retreat with Luke and it was a transformative experience. He creates a safe place where you’re able to go deep right off the bat to facilitate your own healing as well as further develop your own healing gifts for others. There is a place for everyone in this space and experiencing it was an absolute gift. Luke is a powerful healer and teacher in the Church of Love and I have bottomless love and gratitude for what he has brought to my life.” – Becky H.

“Authentic, profound, interactive group experiences, which at once deeply connect group participants and provide truly healing experiences. Luke Adler is masterful in both orchestrating the sequencing of the workshops while maintaining a safe space to grow and learn. Outstanding, revelatory, and reverent.” – Wendy S.

“I am elated and eternally grateful to be given the opportunity to learn this sacred method of healing. Thank you for yet another life changing retreat. I am honored to be a part of this community and look forward to spreading and creating more communities of love and light. My heart feels expansive and my whole body is vibrating with joy. Thank you for teaching me to trust myself and connect with my intuition.” – Juliette M.

“So much Love and Gratitude for Luke Adler! Through his guidance I have transformed from a lost, scared little girl who suppressed all my difficult emotions, to a strong powerful woman and healer. His Healer Studies are taking me and my healing to a deeper level, so that I can share my gifts with the world and be a catalyst of positive change and Universal Love!” – Desiree L.

“An eye opening experience of Love and Spirit! Luke Adler is awesome!!” – Noah B.

“Healer Studies has given me direction in life and I have built a strong community with people that have attended the workshops. Each one I have attended helped me become more confident and more ready to lead my own breathwork sessions. In fact, I would love to take the series all over again! Moreover, I feel led to attend these events and I appreciate the way Luke leads them as well as the knowledge he shares with the group. I have learned a lot from Luke. It is easy to absorb what he is trying to get across. Lastly, the way he teaches makes sense because it is interactive and a hands-on experience.”- Kate D.