I believe that for the world to evolve and perhaps even survive, we have to introduce a new habit of self-care. You regularly brush your teeth, comb your hair, and shower. What do you do regularly to give your Soul a clean place to inhabit? Just as you take a shower to cleanse your physical body, meditation is a shower of pure consciousness that cleanses your energetic, emotional, and mental bodies.

Consciousness is the phenomenon of being aware. Right now you are aware of the words in this page. Your awareness illuminates the meaning of this sentence. Wherever you point your awareness, information flows to you. That awareness when directed upon itself has a cleansing effect. When your awareness is directed upon itself in a particular way, it has different qualitative cleansing effects. Cleansing yourself through meditation makes your awareness clear and crisp so as to navigate life with precision and elegance. Without regular inner cleansing and cultivation, you are left with the limitations of your mind and belief system.

Have you ever looked down at your hands, and had a sense of, “How did I get here, alive in this body? This is so weird!” Life is weird. Here you are, a beautiful elegant soul, living in a wonderful, finite, and bizarrely elegant and complex structure called the body. And then there’s your mind. The only information you can glean from your intellect alone is a reference of your past experiences or someone else’s. The past recycled can be useful, but also becomes predictable and even boring after several renditions, so you may fail to heed the lessons learned or value them less over time.

True originality, authenticity, and creativity only come from inner cultivation. When you fail to care for your inner world, your only options are imitation and emulation True expression only comes from peering deeply into the heart of anything. As you peer into the depths of yourself, you gain the capacity to see deeply into any subject or object towards which you focus your awareness. Meditation is the tool that accesses the deep exploration of everything. To learn more check out the events page for events related to meditation.

Love … Luke