Ledge of Freedom

The only thing life asks for is…Everything

The Ledge of Freedom

a one year coed training to imprint resilience, vitality and vision into mind and body

Life eventually, asks for everything you got. It asks for your best and then more. It knocks you down and sometimes keeps punching.

The Ledge of Freedom is about getting back up, reaching deep within to find your self, and design a lifestyle that allows you to show up daily with inspiration, joy and vision.

What does it take to live the life you were destined to live?

Everything you got.

As a spiritual being with a job, family and worldly responsibilities I have been plagued by several questions.

Is it possible to truly make progress as a soul, to learn the life lessons I came here to learn, and have a career, family and carry the gamut of worldly responsibilities?

And if it is possible in modern living, what does it actually take to enact such a life?

What are the support structures needed internally and externally for this life to thrive?

We all, all have karma—life lessons coming towards us that we cannot outrun. That being the case, how can we assuage the intensity of such lessons and even more, move through them gracefully?

How can we turn the workload of life into a work of art?

Can we skillfully navigate the challenges that push us to our edge, and learn to stay creative and open when some part of our being doesn’t see a way forward?

I designed the Ledge of Freedom program as response to these questions.

Having taken up the four pillars of the Ledge of Freedom in my own life—Meditation, Core Level Awakening, Exercise and Nutrition and Community—I can attest along with many others who have taken up these ideas that progressing as a soul in these modern times is probable with the above support structures.

This program brings together the best of what I offer and practice. These four pillars are the key to a rich, joyful life that makes a difference in the world.

The four pillars increase your strength to face challenge, and they heighten your flexibility to roll with change.

The four pillars of The Ledge of Freedom.

1. Meditation – an inner cultivation practice to support spiritual growth.

2. Core Level Awakening – commonly known as Shadow work – psycho-spiritual inquiry to heal trauma and limited impressions of who you are and how you express yourself.

3. Exercise and Nutrition – Without a healthy body, it is difficult to maintain a strong mind and spirit.

4. Community – a tribe to love, support hold you accountable to your vision and wellbeing.

Harness the Power of Community

The key to a rich rewarding life is a sacred community that can hold you when you’re high, low, winning or losing, happy, angry, sad or afraid.

A community that reflects your highest potential and beauty, holds you lovingly accountable to your intentions, offers empathy and encouragement is an immeasurable gift and blessing. For such a community to manifest, its members must want it, and put in the action to do so. The Ledge of Freedom program creates the context, environment and structure to generate and sustain a community of this magnitude.

The Ledge of Freedom assembles itself quickly when Meditation and Core Level Awakening coalesce. It starts with a longing for Freedom.

Meditation is the key to insight and a centered, balanced nervous system.

The power to recognize solutions to our most pressing problems and issues requires a quiet mind that can see past the surface presentations. A peaceful, grounded and aligned mind and body, and the skill to return to such a state is one of Meditations many blessings. Without a powerful spiritual tool, we are too easily affected by the barbs and blows that life delivers, at times sporadically and at times in overwhelming force. Authentic meditation allows us to open to the Grace needed to reduce the impact of life’s challenges. Luke teaches a streamline form of meditation with further nuanced instruction as the year progresses.

Core Level Awakening is about engaging with your own pain and longing to be seen, understood and appreciated. Once you start to see and love yourself deeply, your purpose becomes clearer and clearer, along with the energy needed to sustain the journey.

Life’s lessons unfold along the path of relationship, that of self, others and larger communities and institutions. Give me a year and I’ll teach you how to find peace and love in an ashram or in the woods by yourself. Eventually life moves you into relationship with others, and most of us have not learned to be skillful in this domain.

Core Level Awakening teaches you to understand, the history of your pain, how it remains in your body, and influences the decisions you make consciously or otherwise. As you gain a felt sense of freedom, to feel the nuances of all your emotions, you more skillfully navigate the complex field of relationship with others. Having thoroughly mined your own pain, you naturally lead with empathy. You begin to stand for love, healing and connection with boundaries when needed. Preferring honesty and integrity you offer others a clear invitation to show up authentically no matter how unsavory that may be.

The Ledge of Freedom is a concept in eastern mysticism that describes an inner spaciousness, a place of peace, strength and clarity that grows as a seeker of the Truth begins to settle within their Sacred Core. As your identity reforms and anchors in greater proximity to your Essence, the virtues of your deepest Self come into the foreground of your personality. When your intention derives from this place, you become unstoppable to manifest your vision. As the Ledge of Freedom grows, your strength becomes indomitable. As the chaos of life swirls around, a deep stillness holds you.

The Ledge of Freedom will support you to:

  • Establish a healthy, sustainable exercise and nutrition program, that can adapt and flow with change of seasons and life circumstance.
  • Learn and practice a powerful form of meditation that will give you the clarity you need to address problems and issues that arise as well as deepen a sense of inner calm to center yourself and others.
  • To create life long friendships that draw forward your best most creative loving self.
  • Discover you’re not made of glass. You can handle hard shit. In fact you’re strength is far far greater than you know.
  • Increase your emotional literacy— be able to recognize your feelings and express them more skillfully.
  • Become more open and inviting to hearing other’s feelings without the need to fix or improve them.
  • Welcome whatever you’re feeling and begin to see uncomfortable emotions as opportunities for greater intimacy.
  • Be able to open your self to who you love without having to defend yourself.
  • Become clear about what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.
  • Be less careful with how you speak but still loving.
  • Learn how to reconnect to your heart quickly.
  • Learn how to deepen your connection and build unbreakable trust.
  • Create enough energy, insight and lightheartedness to sustain the long and fleeting journey of life.

What others say about working with Luke

My relationships have been deeper, richer & more important. Core Level Awakening made me more aware of what I want to offer someone and what I want reciprocated.

Candy W.

Luke emanates a compassionate, loving and protective energy that provides a safe space for you to be yourself.

Oriona T.

Through Luke’s creative coaching I am able to tune into the space that needs more care and compassion and provide that for myself, and — in turn — to those I love.

Sarah L.

“Every time I come on a retreat with Luke I find myself in a deeper, clearer way than I ever have before. It is truly a healing and connecting experience filled with Love. I’m so grateful to you!”  – Desiree L.

“Wonderful, enlightening, and inspiring. I feel such joy and love coming from this new practice of meditation for me. Luke is a gifted, down to Earth, heart filled being who gives of himself so much.” – Jann

“Diving deep into the practice of meditation is a calling that cannot be ignored if you feel compelled. Luke is the most conscious teacher I have ever experienced. He teaches clearly while putting aside ego. I feel good about the tools I gained to take this practice into my daily life. I’m so grateful.” – April E.

Is The Ledge of Freedom right for you?

Yes, if …

  • You’re ready for life to really soar and your goals to come to fruition.
  • You’ve tried other forms of deep work, meditative practices but things haven’t quite clicked.
  • You feel like things are kinda working, but you can sense they could be even better.
  • You’ve plateaued in some or many areas of life and it depresses and or frustrates you.
  • You’re willing to trust your body to guide you to the truth.
  • You’re ready to put the support structures around you to live full-on.
  • You want to feel healthy and strong and better able to meet the challenges in your life.
  • You’re ready to turn your pain into skillful actions that deepen trust and connection.

No, if …

  • You like being anxious and depressed, tired and wired.
  • Mediocrity and unrealized potential are deeply fulfilling to you.
  • You don’t want those you love to be enriched, loved and nourished more deeply by your presence.
  • Being comfortable is more important than feeling alive and being in love with your life, especially when it gets difficult.
  • You don’t want to do the work to create a wonderful relationship with yourself or others. 

The Ledge of Freedom program:

  • 11 monthly 2 hour Zoom sessions beginning in June.
  • A five day retreat centered on the four pillars of the Ledge of Freedom: Core Level Awakening, Meditation, Exercise and Nutrition, Sacred Community.
  • World-Class leadership, facilitation and instruction in the four pillars of The Ledge of Freedom program.
  • An online private community group to post regular check-ins, questions, give and ask for support.
  • Access to Luke’s expertise on nutrition and exercise as well as an online library of cleanses and nutrition programs developed by Luke over twenty years of clinical practice.
  • 50% off private Core Level Awakening sessions with Luke for the duration of the program, to add one-on-one support as needed.
  • 50% off the Roaring Heart Meditation retreat fee in October 2023 and Spring 2024 for you to deepen your meditation practice as you see fit.
  • The opportunity to create beautiful, soulful relationships that last a lifetime.
  • Admiration and feedback from people you respect and champion you to be all you dream to be.
  • A community of peers centered around transparency, raw courage, vulnerability, that honors the dignity of all that you are and aspire to be.

Ledge of Freedom value $2500.

Program cost $1800.

Early bird price $1600 for deposit of $800 received by June 2nd.


Is there an application process?

I do not require an application. I will send out a questionnaire once you register for the Ledge of Freedom Program to prepare to make the best use of our time. If there any concerns about the work fitting for you we will contact you.

What do retreats look like?

We will go over meditation and practice in the morning 730ish and evening 5:15ish. From 9:30am-5:00 pm we will practice Core Level Awakening with a 2 hour lunch break.

What do Zoom sessions look like?

On Zoom we will engage in Core Level Awakening, and end our sessions with meditation. We will take time needed to go over diet and exercise regimes as needed as well as refresh any accountability structures that need tending.

What’s the refund policy?

Because of the tight container required to do the work and the limited space in our live retreat, the program is non refundable. In extraordinary cases, you may apply your tuition towards future programs or events.

What are the details of the retreat?

The retreat will be a full immersion in nature located in the high cascades. We will be camping. You will be responsible for all meals. The terrain will be suitable for hiking, running or biking.

Retreat date: July 12th – 16th.

When are the zoom sessions?

All Zoom sessions occur on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 pm the 2nd week of the month beginning in June.

Do I have to attend the virtual sessions?

All sessions will be recorded for you to make up a session if needed, though the power of such work unfolds in a live environment. I encourage you to arrange your life so you can be present for every session. And I understand urgent matters do come up that need tending.