Cloudy Waters

Sometimes things are just mucky and they’re gonna be that way for a while.

When it rains in Los Angeles, all the trash, muck, and grime from the valleys wash into the Pacific Ocean. Surfers are advised to stay out of the water for at least three days after a rain storm, or until the brown silty water turns back to a semblance of green or turquoise (if you surf in North Malibu). I’ve known a few people to ignore this advisory and paid for it with a full body skin rash and the flu.

As I work to Let Love In, some of my relationships are getting a little mucky.

When the water is churned up in the ocean it doesn’t

matter if you have the brightest dive light, visibility is still zero.

 Sometimes, in relationships emotional energetic storms make landfall. Discerning what to do can feel overwhelming, impossible even. The best tactic is often to stay out of the water. Use this time to focus on your wellbeing. Build strength. Wait for clarity to settle the waters.

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