Get Enlightened by Getting Intimate

The Journey from Enlightenment to Intimacy…

Once again my teaching partner, Jason Lange, and I dive into a nuanced and sometimes confused distinction– Enlightenment and Intimacy. For decades I chased the Big E – enlightenment. At some point, I realized there was an entire swath of the path I had given little credence to, the path of Intimacy.

I never gave emotion the credit it deserved. I poo-pooed it as a distraction below the transcendental. I did not realize it was the gateway to an embodied, here and now intimate way of relating to life.

Enlightenment without the ability to relate to others is like being stranded in paradise with no one to share it with. Intimacy invites us to cohere our humanity with our luminosity. It’s an arduous, deeply fufilling path that calls all of us to task. No matter how we try, we cannot out run our life lessons, which always fall along the lines of our relationships.

Enjoy this one!

Love… Luke

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