How Paula Was Led to Sound Healing

I began my interest in how sound affects our mental, physical and spiritual states with my yoga practice in 2004, and later teacher training in 2008. As a yoga teacher, I began to deepen asana practice with mantra, prayers bowls and kirtan. I could always sense a palpable difference in classes when these tools were implemented.

I went on to teach yoga while I was living and working at Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat center in 2009. I was first introduced to tuning forks through a treatment offered by a “staff healer,” who would come by and offer treatments to other staff members as a trade for her stay at Breitenbush. I received a tuning fork and a sound session, which opened me up to new spaces within myself and touched me deeply. My tenure at Breitenbush was during a pivotal time in life (my saturn returns), and by being exposed to so many healing modalities, including wonderful acupuncture sessions, inspired me on my own healer’s path to where I am today.

Fast forward to 2013, one week before I was to start grad school for Traditional Chinese Medicine, I received a spirit guide reading where two thunderhead clouds appeared and said, “Yes, the path of acupuncture is a good start for you…and you will help many with Chinese medicine, but you are a sound healer. Your path is to move blockages with vibration, frequencies and resonance.” 

So, in my first term in grad school for my Chinese medicine history class, I wrote a paper on the history of sound healing. However, there was so much to learn in school and so many skills, specialties and modalities taught that the message to become a sound healer fell to the back burner, but never left.

I finally took a training in Acutonics for tuning forks in 2020 and the teacher became a mentor to me. She taught me how to work with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls for on and off the body sound healing. Since then, I have evolved my own methods and expanded the tools and instruments I use to create a luminous sound scape that helps move energy to balance mind, body and spirit. 

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Paula Rashkow, L.Ac.

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