How the Indigo Meditation Retreat Affects You in the Long Run

In the past, I thought of retreat as just another word for vacation. I’d get out of town, soak up some rays, go surfing, and lounge about. I would get back from vacation refreshed and rested, but then go right back to the grind. After a week or 2 of being back in reality, the physical benefits of my getaway would dissipate, the fun memories would become distant and the stress and fatigue would return. Sound familiar?

After investing in any retreat, two weeks of feeling rejuvenated and balanced is just not enough. It is important, especially nowadays, for your time, energy and money to be spent with long-term benefits in mind. The Indigo Meditation Retreat is a retreat with long-term benefits because you learn an easy meditation technique that brings positive change to your everyday life, you are able to reach deep healing from the inside out, and you meet people that you can have lifelong friendships with. 

Here are some testimonials from past participants:

  • “I first came to Luke’s retreat ‘accidentally’ two years ago as a tired little bird with a broken wing, feeling like I might not ever fly again. Then I began to meditate, with zero expectation. Two years later here I am… ready to fly again, dream, manifest, and love deeply. Many may say life is no different; I have the same job, live in the same house, and am still single, but I can most definitely say that everything in me and around me is different.” -Anonymous
  • “Thank you for creating a safe space for all of us to just be; to allow all the pieces of ourselves to be welcomed and loved. The meditation is an invaluable tool that will continue to help integrate my gifts and light in the world. Thank you for supporting us on our paths” – Juliette M.
  • “Everytime I come on a retreat with Luke I find myself in a deeper, clearer way than I ever have before. It is truly a healing and connecting experience filled with Love. I’m so grateful to you!”  – Desiree L.
  • “Wonderful, enlightening, and inspiring. I feel such joy and love coming from this new practice of meditation for me. Luke is a gifted, down to earth, heart-filled being who gives of himself so much.” – Jann
  • “Diving deep into the practice of meditation is a calling that cannot be ignored if you feel compelled. Luke is the most conscious teacher I have ever experienced. He teaches clearly while putting aside ego. I feel good about the tools I gained to take this practice into my daily life. I’m so grateful.” – April E.

All Love…Luke

Event Specifics

Lodging will go through Luke Adler Healing. Please contact Oriona at 407-399-8487 or [email protected] to talk about options.

Dinner will be offered. Other meals on own.

Current Safety Protocols

  1. Masks will be worn during the retreat
  2. Social distancing will be in place
  3. Medical grade air purifiers will be running the duration of the event
  4. Every participant will be required to take a PCR test and present negative test results regardless of vaccination status

Thurs-Sun, March 10-13
Belknap Hot Springs
Retreat Fee
$350-$600 (choose a price in that range that works for you)

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