How to Stop Fighting the Inner War

Say this to yourself,  “The only way through is in…”

Can you sense the wisdom in those words? 

When your heart is broken and your life is uninhabitable and you feel stuck in place, the idea that the only way through is in is likely to move something within you.

For some who’ve grown tired of running, this may spark a glimmer of hope, because the trail inward is one they’ve not yet explored. Or perhaps they started down it but stopped too soon. 

For others, who’ve worked hard to fix themselves, the only way through is in may be counterintuitive. After all, the archetypal story of the hero’s journey teaches that peace will come when we finally claim victory over our external or inner enemies. This narrative does not encourage us to become intimate with our enemies and learn to welcome them, even if reluctantly.

But aren’t you tired of fighting that war?  Aren’t you tired of seeing aspects of your own life as enemies to overcome, to best, to dominate? 

Have you begun to question whether that battle can ever be won? 

Undoubtedly, you can identify parts of yourself, your personality, that you blame for your suffering. We all can. But what’s the end game? To excise those parts? Drive them out of your being? Exile them somehow? 

What if that’s not possible? Can you see how that warpath ultimately leads to self-destruction, not freedom?  

The deep peace and uncommon wellbeing you seek is possible.  This awakening is made possible not by force, but only through self-reconciliation and integration. The challenge is figuring out by what process this self-reconciliation can be achieved. 

I invite you to heed the call to return home, to your deepest self. 

The core level awakening that catalyzes transformational change is available to you.  

On this path, you will not only heal but also find joy, peace, awe, love, connection, and wholeness. These infuse life with a depth, texture, and richness you’ve never dreamed possible. 

The fruits of this path are your birthright! 

They are available to all who reclaim their full humanity. 

Core Level Awakening is an initiation for those with the courage to turn inward and begin their homecoming journey. 

I would be honored to be your guide when you are ready to step onto this path. Give the office a call at 541-465-9642 to hop on my schedule for CLA. All Love…Luke

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