How Unresolved Trauma Creates Disease

The inception of disease occurs in a moment. Life moves along smoothly, and then suddenly, in a flash, something happens that triggers a feeling of diminishment. A simple, seemingly insignificant, event can initiate a silent progression of physical illness. The decline may happen slowly or rapidly, or even remain latent until a future event. But the affliction has laid roots, and its momentum will build over time if left unchecked. 

Disease never comes randomly. Disease grows like a seed until the right moment comes along for it to sprout. The seeds of disease come from many sources, even from what may seem like a momentary slight. That’s especially true when your sense of innocence and purity feels diminished. This slight of self creates separation from your sense of wholeness and your connection with your soul.

An unconscious moment of emotional pain first affects the heart energetically as a heavy contracting sensation in the chest area. Recall a moment when you heard surprising or shocking news. Remember how it caused your breath to gasp and chest to tighten.

The physical response occurs quickly, as the lungs constrict and the breath becomes shallow. If the event is extremely traumatic, the breath can even stop altogether. Maybe someone said something that hurt your feelings: you may have felt a stabbing or heavy sensation in the chest, followed by a skip in the breath. Perhaps you then felt angry, got quiet, pulled in your energy, and began to shut down. If the issue is not resolved, physical symptoms can arise. Feeling unsafe in your body can turn into a feeling of insecurity that drains your system of vitality. It lays the seedbed for future ailments to flourish.

Feeling diminished has a physical impact. If you feel unsafe, you’re storing trauma from the past in your body. This tension creates a ripe environment for disease. One by one, each organ system absorbs the strain of the original stressful event. It mulitplies beyond the original wounding and makes one less responsive to the present moment. If unresolved the issue moves into latency, and will erupt into disease in the future . In the meantime, it saps your vitality by using your vital energy to store the stress in your body instead of keeping it available for daily life, let alone for joy and creativity.

Do this exercise from my book, Born to Heal, to begin healing a life trauma:

In the same way that you push a pathogen into latency, you can free a pathogen.

Simply declare, “I am ready to heal. I am ready to examine the parts of my life that speak to me in forms of pain in my body. I am healing now. I choose to surround this ailment with love and vitality.”

Take a moment to think about a life trauma. Not necessarily a giant life crisis, but something smaller that you can practice this technique with.

Say the healing affirmations as you think about and begin to heal this incident. Feel where in your body the stress has been stored, and pay attention to where you sense a shift.

After working with some incidental life traumas, you may feel ready to heal more intense trauma. That’s where Core Level Awakening can be a true game changer.

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All Love, Luke

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