Healer Studies Level I: The Art and Skill of Intuition and Holding Space, the By-product of Deep Relationship

June 23-24, 2018


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Relationship wounding and healing are inseparable for those of us interested in growth, evolution and intimacy with all of life. Intuition and psychic abilities are often associated with a supernatural power that some have and others don’t. This common assumption regarding intuition, I wholeheartedly disagree with.

Intuition is a natural by-product of moving consciously with care deeper into your own wounding, and as a result creates more spaciousness within to invite another to join you. In a dynamic relationship this deepening of self is mutual, shared and explored individually and together. The result is a life that juicy, alive with passion and every flavor of the emotional rainbow. As you learn to make space for your dynamic emotional self and that of another, intuition, or direct perception of reality is a natural outflow of such a deep connection. When you face into the edges of yourself and your dearest companions, you literately step into the unknown, quaking with excitement, some fear, and an upsurging current of the very power of life itself.

Intuition is not the goal of such an endeavor. The objective is to move ever further into the expanse of your being, and through that exploration, surrender into the very being-ness of the Universe, accelerated by your invitation to another, a partner, a lover perhaps, a friend, a being that meets you hand in hand, heart open, rooted into the earth with a discerning eye who say, YES, FUCK YES to life.

This is at the heart of my Healer Studies Classes. If this resonates with you, I encourage you to say YES and jump in. Love…Luke


The Art and Skill of Intuition and Holding Space

Tap into your innate intuitive healing capacity. Learn to trust your intuition to feel into the experience of others and download Universal information to help them heal.

In this class we will,

  • break down intuition and track into how to turn it on and off in the work and in life.
  • explore listening while talking as a powerful tool to track how others receive and absorb your words.
  • how to create layers of sacred space, pulling from your own lineage traditions
  • work consciously with Grace through prayer, gratitude and ceremony to acknowledge the presence of the Universe in your life and work.
  • work in partners and learn the initial stages to facilitate healing for others through breathwork .
  • practice sentence stems as a spontaneous intuitively guided exploration into the shadow.
  • identify the most triggering energies that cause you to doubt yourself
  • practice Not Knowing (being fully surrendered into the spontaneity of the moment, allowing the Universe to hold the agenda) (not having an agenda, method, paint by numbers approach)
  • explore developmental levels of holding space, ie: passive, responsive, active, and being the space
  • learn tools and methods to create a safe potent space for others to have an experience of freedom.

The class is from 9 am to 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday, June 23rd, 24th 2018 Eugene, Ore. Call to register 541-465-9642 or sign up below.


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