True Man

January 15, 2017-December 11, 2019


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Head and Heart in Passionate Alignment with Core Essence

Where Good Men Transform into Great Leaders, Healers, Partners,

Fathers, Lovers, Teachers, Nurturers, Receivers of Care, and …

This work is for men who are ready to face the areas of life where there is room to grow, mature and heal

This is an invitation to become more alive in the areas where you feel deadened, dull, asleep, depressed, anxious, stagnant an so on.

I’m calling to men who are ready for more than the status quo, who deep down crave an authentic manhood, rich with power and strength, yet balanced in sensitivity and intuition.

There are a lot of unhealthy, outdated examples of manhood out there. Join me and other men who are stepping forward to embody true masculine power. Together lets step up to the challenge of living a full blooded alive existence.

Let’s Go!

Areas often covered include:

  • Distinguishing healthy shame from toxic shame.
  • Making amends from a deep place of empathy without loss of dignity.
  • Leading with sensitivity without losing strength or power.
  • Expressing anger without losing your heart.
  • Expressing your heart without losing your balls.
  • Getting clean and clear with anger.
  • Releasing your armor without collapsing your boundaries.
  • Being emotionally transparent.
  • Experiencing vulnerability as an access point for strength, healing and connection.
  • Cutting through what stops you from expressing raw masculine power.
  • Stopping your inner critic from running you into the ground or paralyzing you from risk taking.
  • Activating your inner warrior with equal parts passion and compassion.
  • Getting intimately connected with the little boy and your capacity to protect, love and parent him.
  • Finding your edge and returning there again and again.
  • Discovering and enlivening where you are resigned, cynical, and deadened.
  • Outgrowing pornographic tendencies.
  • Elevating sex from the duty of emotional discharge to an expression of love.
  • Working with your core wounds as access points to a deeper capacity for love and connection.
  • Cultivating deep, fulfilling and fully alive relationships with partner, friends and family.


Everyone will check in. Your challenge is to become more emotionally literate, to recognize what you are feeling, where in your body it’s coming from, and the historical origins of your pain. Emotional transparency and blowing the whistle or calling your self out is encouraged. This work asks you to see vulnerability as a needed strength, a counterweight to the typical macho stereotypical power associated with masculinity.

As facilitator I will encourage each man to move deeper into each of the above skills.

At the end of the group one man will have to opportunity to take his work very deep, to physically, emotional, mentally and spiritually illumine his shadow side and reclaim a piece of his power. In this way, one man’s freedom is every man’s freedom.


Limit of 8-10 men

Exchange: $25

The next group will be announced soon

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