Loving the Holidays, A Talk with Luke Adler

October 25, 2019


Spots available!

Loving the Holidays is an evening of authentic relating and breathwork that brings one of the pillars of relationship to the forefront–communication. Communication is key in relationship, however, there are times when the topic to be discussed is difficult, awkward and charged with emotions. During these times our deep-seated fears arise as we try to broach the subject and then bumble through it to the best of our abilities.

Loving the Holidays is talk with Luke that will help you obtain new tools for communicating with compassion and conviction, kindness and power. It will also assist you in getting to the root of how you communicate during awkward conversations and why. Lastly, Loving the Holidays will empower you to finally let your voice be heard.

Enjoy an evening with Luke as he discusses the awkward dance of communication.

Bring your friends and relatives! Breathwork included and door prizes!

Fri, Oct 25 6:30 pm
Veteran’s Memorial Building
1626 Willamette St.
Exchange: $25




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