Women’s Core Level Awakening: Rafting the Deschutes- SOLD OUT

July 24-28, 2019

Still want to go? We would love you to! Join us for the one in August or get on the Waiting List in case of a cancellation. Call 541-465-9642.

For over ten years I’ve dreamed of combining deep healing work with my love of adventure in the outdoors. My brother Brent and I have extensive experience guiding white water rafting trips. We are excited to guide you down one of the most beautiful canyons in Oregon, while also guiding you deeper into your full blooded, full hearted expression and power as a woman.

This is a multi-day rafting, camping, self supported trip, which means we will carry all of our camping, cooking gear, food, rafting equipment and anything else we desire to make the trip enjoyable.

We will float from Warm Springs to Maupin Oregon.

The tentative dates are July 24th-28th, Wednesday evening – Sunday evening.

Ideally we would carpool or meet at the Warm Springs put-in at noon on Thursday and take out of the river around 4pm on Sunday.

Meals, rental equipment, permits, shuttles and facilitation fee are included in the cost of the trip. Everyone will help with meal prep and clean up.

Group size: 6-7 women

You must be a sound swimmer to participate on this trip. The Deschutes river does have a few big rapids on it. Although it is highly doubtful we will run into trouble on the river, this is a wild place and accidents do happen even on the most benign sections of a river. A full safety briefing will occur before we launch.

A list of items to bring will be provided upon registration.

Rainy day plan. If weather is not permissible to run the river, we will relocate the trip to either Crescent Lake, Oregon or Summer Lake hotsprings.

As usual the context for this group will be:

 Head and Heart in Full Alignment with Your Core

This work is for women who are ready to fully face the areas of life where there is room to grow, mature and heal

This is an invitation to become more alive in the areas where you feel deadened, dull
asleep, depressed, anxious, stagnant and so on.

This is a call to women who are ready for more than the status quo, who deep down crave an authentic womanhood, rich with power and strength and balanced with sensitivity and intuition.

Join a community of amazing women for an exploration of true feminine power. Explore the feminine shadow-that which we’ve disowned, denied, suppressed and abandoned within ourselves. Reclaim your vitality, passion, purpose while deepening your relationships with your loved ones and friends. The only thing life asks of you is…Everything. This work provides an environment to explore, awaken, heal and reintegrate aspects of you that had to be turned off in order to survive. Your pain and suffering are harbingers of your soul longing for reintegration into you core, your deepest Heart. Life is too short and often too challenging to stay in the familiar depths of the shallows. Join us for work that will more fully awaken your beauty, power and spirit.

Join me and a sisterhood of women who are growing.

Some of the areas we will explore include:

  • toxic shame and clean shame
  • freedom from wounding around sex
  • trauma around sexuality
  • clean anger
  • passive aggression, rage, suppressed anger
  • postpartum depression, rage, psychosis, recovery, healing, and reintegration
  • fear, anxiety
  • caring for your inner child/baby/teenager
  • full self expression
  • your True Size as a powerful being
  • Making amends from a deep place of empathy without loss of dignity.
  • Leading with sensitivity without losing strength or power.
  • Cultivating deep, fulfilling and fully alive relationships with partner, friends and family.Getting clean and clear with anger.
  • Releasing your armor without collapsing your boundaries.
  • Being emotionally transparent.
  • Experiencing vulnerability as an access point for strength, healing and connection.
  • Cutting through what stops you from expressing raw feminine power.
  • Stopping your inner critic from running you into the ground or paralyzing you from risk taking.
  • Activating your inner warrior with equal parts passion and compassion.
  • Getting intimately connected with the little girl and your capacity to protect, love and parent her.
  • Finding your edge and returning there again and again.
  • Discovering and enlivening where you are resigned, cynical, and deadened.
  • Elevating sex from the duty of emotional discharge to an expression of love.
  • Working with your core wounds as access points to a deeper capacity for love and connection.
  • Cultivating deep, fulfilling and fully alive relationships with partner, friends and family.




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