Women Awakening

November 17, 2018-9, 2019


Spots available!

Join a community of amazing women for an exploration of true feminine power. Explore the feminine shadow-that which we’ve disowned, denied, suppressed and abandoned within ourselves. Reclaim your vitality, passion, purpose while deepening your relationships with your loved ones and friends. The only thing life asks of you is…Everything. This work provides an environment to explore, awaken, heal and reintegrate aspects of you that had to be turned off in order to survive. Your pain and suffering are harbingers of your soul longing for reintegration into you core, your deepest Heart. Life is too short and often too challenging to stay in the familiar depths of the shallows. Join us for work that will more fully awaken your beauty, power and spirit.

Some of the areas we will explore include:

  • toxic shame and clean shame
  • freedom from wounding around sex
  • trauma around sexuality
  • clean anger
  • passive aggression, rage, suppressed anger
  • postpartum depression, rage, psychosis, recovery, healing, and reintegration
  • fear, anxiety
  • caring for your inner child/baby/teenager
  • full self expression
  • your True Size as a powerful being

The group is lead by Oriona and Luke drops in when his schedule permits. Also, its fine for you to come and go from the group as it suits your schedule. You don’t have to commit to every circle.

For now the intention is to work with 6-10 women who are ready to take the plunge into the light, the dark and every shade in between.



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