Need a Breakthrough? Try Breathwork…

Breathwork is what I prescribe when you are feeling stuck and you’ve done everything you can do to heal or resolve an issue. It is a healing method that uses an ancient breathing technique to quiet the mind and release deep seated impressions, emotions, and latent pathogens from the physical and subtle  energy system. By letting go of tightly held thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, the physical body relaxes and opens to a greater flow of energy. As a result of freeing up energy in the body, the mind becomes clear and focused, and for many a new sense of life purpose and direction arise. 

This next episode with my Heart of Shadow co-facilitator. Jason Lange, and Melanie Curtin, who hosts the podcast, “Dear Men: How to Rock Sex, Dating, and Relationships with Women talks about how men can use breathwork to create a breakthrough. Melanie says, “When it comes to processing trauma, shame, or just general stuckness, talking has limited efficacy. That’s part of why you may not have gotten the results you were looking for through talk therapy or couples counseling. It’s usually when we work the body (oh hi, somatic therapy) that we truly experience breakthroughs.”

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Love… Luke

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