Remember the Fort

When I was a kid I always had a least one fort. You know a fort. Kinda sounds funny as I write it and hear it in my mind. I grew up in the San Jacinto Mountains north of Palm Springs and Banning, CA. My best friend Molly and I built forts all over the place, in trees, low laying chaparral, and abandoned barns. When we went to the fort Molly and I built stations, made plans, and created worlds that left our imaginations swirling. The fort was a place I felt safe to be creative and have fun. That was the primary purpose of the fort.

Yesterday I had no plans for lunch. The sun came out, so I decided to go for a walk to the local store. The sun poured over my face and neck. I was loving it. I bought a fresh pressed organic vegetable juice and began the journey home. As I strolled an older man sat down at a bus stop. I was inspired to find a place to sit and relax in the sun like the man. Several paces further was the tattered Em’s Baseball stadium where I played high school soccer. A few moments of nostalgia past as I recollected the good ol’ days.

Just below me off the side walk, concrete steps sloped down to the entrance of the abandoned stadium. I found a nice place to sit near a puny cedar tree to take in the warm sunshine. Thoughts swirled through my head. I settled in and noticed beneath the cedar tree, a wave shaped network of branches created a rounded shelter from the environment. My mind flashed to the forts of childhood as I recalled the fun of my youth. “This was my fort” I thought. My own place to dream. My fort is close by, just a few hundred yards from my office. I can go there and be imaginative or just feel safe. For me it’s healing. I invite you to go out and find your fort. A place for you to dream, to rest, and to play.

Love, light …. Luke

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