Shadow Work is the New Aphrodisiac

Discover How Shadow Work Can Make You Sexy…

Shadow work is popular in the personal growth community, and for good reason — it can be deeply transformational. Many people report deeper and more lasting shifts with shadow work than with years of talk therapy.

But what’s talked about less often is how sexy shadow work can make you. In this new episode, I join forces with my Heart of Shadow co-facilitator. Jason Lange, and Melanie Curtin, who hosts the podcast, “Dear Men: How to Rock Sex, Dating, and Relationships with Women to talk all things shadow work, sex, relationships, masculine identity, and the freedom that comes from doing deep work with trustable people. Melanie says, “As a woman who has sex with men, I can attest to this — a man who does real shadow work is hot. Period.”

Get your popcorn…this is a good one.

Love… Luke