The Heart of Shadow, a New Retreat for Men

I’m excited to announce a kickass new program I’m running called The Heart of Shadow.

It’s a combination 10-week virtual program wrapped around a powerful 3.5 day retreat.

I’ll be co-leading the program with Jason Lange, who is one of the most badass men I know.

The Heart of Shadow will be focused on facing the parts of ourselves we’ve disowned, buried in shame, numbed out to, and so much more.

If you’re looking to make some huge changes in 2023, there’s no better way to start than this.

Everything in my life changed when I started doing this type of work in a trusted container with other men, and Jason and I have been supporting each other in this work in a men’s group of our own for years.

The program is limited to 14 men, with early bird rates available until November 23rd.

We start January 3rd.

Listen to this podcast where Jason and I discuss shadow work, our own journeys, and why we’re creating this program here: https://evolutionary.men/podcast/the-heart-of-shad…

And then visit https://evolutionary.men/heartofshadow/ to get all the details and info about signing up.

If you a know man who could benefit from this program, pass this along or forward me his contact info. and I will reach out to him.

All Love…Luke

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