The Missing Link to True Power & Great Sex

I was recently interviewed by Shana James on the Man Alive podcast. One of the biggest consequences of bypassing, or avoiding, the darker parts of yourself, is that people will often feel less trust, respect and attraction for you. Shadow work is a powerful way to gain access to your power, to intimacy and ease in relationships, and to greater levels of success and impact. Here we talk about how to reclaim parts of yourself you’ve left behind, or have never accessed.

The Man Alive podcast is a series of bold, raw and gritty conversations with experts on success, power, sex, love, and legacy. Shana doesn’t buy into the need for rules, games or limitations. She works with men to find their unique power, confidence and clarity, so they stop settling in life and love. 

In our featured episode we delved into:

  • A new definition of fearlessness and how to access true empowerment
  • How to avoid a mid-life crisis
  • Why not to avoid relationship conflict
  • Moving beyond the “culture of cool,” where men are taught to be tough and impervious to weakness
  • Shadow work as gateway to great sex and becoming sexier

Shana is very passionate about what she does. I’m confident you’ll really enjoy this podcast.

You can listen to the interview on:

iTunes , Spotify,  GoogleTuneIn,  iHeart Radio, and Shana’s Website

If you enjoy it, please do me a favor and leave a review and let us know what part made the biggest impact!

Love… Luke

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