What Are You Craving on Your Healing Journey?

All of us on the healing journey long for a particular experience…Can you name it?

This experience begins as a quiver when we’re guided to make tender contact with a deep wound, existential fear, unmet need, or long silenced emotional truth. 

It reverberates throughout our whole being when our broken heart is cracked wide open to include all that we are. 

When this core level awakening occurs, a shift takes place in one’s mind, body, and spirit. For the first time we can remember, we stand naked, apart and free from our deeply rooted emotional conditioning. 

To see this awakening experience.

To be intimate with it.

To feel tenderness toward it. 

To find ourselves at home in wholeness with it.

Is THIS what you’re craving? 

If so, you’re not alone.

For many of us, this craving for healing metastasizes into spiritual starvation. Wholeness becomes an existential imperative. If we don’t find it, we’re certain we’ll perish or worse: self-destruct. 

Yet, time passes. 

Maybe a shift occurs, maybe not. Maybe we just get some rest. 

But inevitably, eventually, we wake up to the reality that we’re still here, longing for wholeness.

And while perhaps the hunger pains aren’t as strong, we know they’ll overwhelm us again soon.  

We can–and often do–endure these dark nights of the soul for decades and lifetimes. 

When we look at our brothers and sisters, we see that many of them are starving too. They are also seeking cathartic transformation that will quench their malnourished spirit once and for all. We are thirsty.

I understand, because I too am a seeker. 

Too many well-intentioned healers and therapists, regardless of modality, lament the difficulty of facilitating real breakthroughs, even after months and years. 

I know, because I too am a healer. 

When so many people are seekers and healers, why is deep healing so rare? 

The truth is, modern science and clinical research have yet to demystify the mechanics of the spirit, and the boom of new-age healers and healing modalities has made skillful and apprenticed healers difficult to find. 

As a result, well-meaning mental health professionals give us tools to effect incremental change. They share their gifts and techniques with the hope that we happen to need exactly what they can provide. 

We seekers learn how to “reframe,” cope, resource, regulate, and transcend. We try to counteract and override our emotional realities and re-narrate, revise and bypass our lived experience. 

These strategies have the potential to be extraordinarily effective. But they keep us stuck when they’re used to cover up core wounds. And they can be harmful when used as weapons against ourselves. 

As long as we are striving to fix ourselves or force our conditioned selves into submission, we will remain disintegrated and embattled. 

And when we’re too tired, angry, or scared to fight ourselves, we may try to run away by distracting, numbing, or dissociating. But no matter what we do to fix or to escape ourselves, we eventually fall into despair as we realize: we’re always the same distance from our pain. 

From our triggers. 

From our patterns. 

We come to understand that fixing, avoiding, or bypassing are not the salve we need. 

Because we have exhausted the alternatives, we become open to the possibility that there’s another way….

The only way through is in.

If you are ready to take the journey in and would like a co-pilot. I am your man. Give the office a call at 541-465-9642 to hop on my schedule for Core Level Awakening. All Love…Luke

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