Who Wins? Your Intellect or Intuition?

Intuition is the intelligence of the heart. It is natural and instinctive. Intuition is the ability to respond effectively from the awareness of the heart in any situation. Intuition arises freely when the heart is unencumbered by concerns of the past and future. It is the ability to be present on a subtle level of communication beyond the five senses. Many people dismiss this subtle level of knowledge because it does not rely on logic as its source of knowing. Intuition can be logical, but does not have to be. Intuition uses the direct, knowing experience of the heart. Because intuition is so obvious, your immediate sense of a situation is frequently overlooked by the habit of being logical and reasonable. Everyone is intuitive. It is a matter of pausing to listen and respecting the inner wisdom. Consistently respecting your inner wisdom helps you build a relationship of trust and connection with yourself and all that is within you.

Western society views the intellectual mind as the supreme tool to grasp knowledge. The pursuit of learning is the necessary function of the thinking mind. But to know something directly requires the attention of the heart. This happens not at the moment of reflection, but in the moment occuring right now. Knowledge known through the heart is superior to intellectual knowledge. Knowledge known to you as dictated by someone else’s experience is secondary to knowledge known through your heart.

Intuition is the process of seeing deeper subtle layers of the truth directly. Your heart knows the truth just as it knows how to feel emotions. Intuition is more subtle, a shift in the texture of energy. You walk into a room and say, “The vibe here is off.” That’s your intuition. You know the vibe is off because you feel it. You add the explanation with your mind, “Yeah, Denise seemed really angry.” The explanation describes the experience, though it is not and can never be, a substitute for the experience.

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