Meditate and Liberate

It really feels like summer! I spent the morning at Bryce Creek with my daughter, swimming and skipping rocks. It was one of the best summer days, I’ve ever had. Corazon (my daughter) giggled with delight,her arms and legs wrapped around me tight, as we dipped into the cool creek. I covered her in a towel and we warmed up as Monarch butterflies graced us with a full display of yellow, white and brown fluttering wings.
The end of August, I’m leading a retreat focused on spiritual practices called The Universal Warrior of Compassion Meditation retreat. I’ve designed the retreat so you can take, one, two, three, or all four days. My intention is to provide a space for you to recommit, reignite, and deepen your spiritual connection, and practice maintaining it in all of your relationships, especially the most challenging ones.
If you are reading this, you already know and experience a sense of oneness with the Divine. Feeling connected to the Divine feels good in the body, but not always. My latest work, brought forth in Born to Heal teaches you how to sit with feelings and sensations that are uncomfortable and turn them into Love. When we spend time with people who are challenging to be with, we often feel physically uncomfortable in our bodies. What if you could make enough room in your body for Love, Acceptance, Compassion, Steadfastness, to flow along side that discomfort. You could shift that relationship by being insistent about choosing love, when your body is shouting, “lets get the heck out of here.” If this sounds familiar, you already know: there is no escape from the lessons these relationships bring. You can distance yourself from difficult people. But until you can sustain a vibration of love with them, that physical discomfort will find a way into your life. Why? Because those are the vibrations of your soul, that you have yet to liberate into unconditional love and acceptance. Until liberation comes, there will be an experience of physical discomfort. My work teaches you how to gracefully move towards the contraction and melt it into Love.
Being with Discomfort + Love = Freedom/Healing/Intimacy/Ecstasy
That’s the jist of it. Practice makes Perfect.
This retreat will be profoundly healing. You will experience the depth of your soul and touch the expanse of Spirit. I encourage to join me for some or all of the retreat. It’s a gorgeous setting, with some really beautiful people. Call or write me with questions. [email protected]. Love…Luke

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