Stop Second Guessing Yourself

Everyday you are faced with decisions to make. Some of them are easy to make, some are difficult, and others are surrounded in “what ifs” and confusion. Those big decisions that have many layers and create ripple effects can be the most heartwrenching, but also the most rewarding.

Let’s say you are stuck in a rut at work. You feel overworked and undervalued. You see yourself as a paper pusher that is just passing the time until Friday. Life is dull and when the weekend comes you just want to escape under the covers or drive into the sunset. Then it’s Ground Hog Day when Monday comes around. Seem familiar? You are not alone.

It’s more comfortable to remain in the familiar because it is safe and you know what to expect, but is it still right for you? Is there a little voice that says, “Not anymore…”? You might be saying, “Yes, Luke, I do know that I’m done with the familiar, but then what’s next?”

I believe the answer to our most pressing questions lie within. It is just a matter of getting in touch with your heart and listening to its truth. There are many factors that can block you from listening to that truth so developing your intuition is the next best step.

Intuition is the intelligence of the heart. Everyone has it. Intuition is a muscle that be can built, refined and flexed so you can easily use it everyday for any situation. As you attune to it you know what is true for you as well as others without much effort or inquiry. It flows naturally as an undercurrent of knowing.

If you are ready to stop grappling with decisions or wondering what the next right step is, Healer Studies I is perfect for you. Healer Studies I focuses on the heart and introduces you to the intricacies of intuition. I will help you gain the self-confidence to trust your intuition, listen to your heart, and step forward with peace in your body as you face decisions around career, relationship, health, wealth, and family.

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