The Bachelor Party

Inspired by the movie The Hangover me and my best friends since adolescence set off for a record setting week long bachelor party in Baja California. Now you may be asking yourself why is Luke sharing this with such a broad audience and what does a bachelor party have to do with Healing? Well, the answer is three fold. Number one. I haven’t taken a vacation since I started my business two years ago.

I’ve taken a handful of trips but they’ve always had some business or family agenda attached. The breakthrough for me in taking a just for fun and relaxation vacation was to recharge, getaway, and rest. Often healers are the worse offenders of taking care of themselves and I was falling into that stereotype or archetype if you will. Number two. I love to surf and Baja is one of the best kept secrets for surfers for several reasons. Unless you know the terrain, it is easy to get lost and succumb to moderate or severe trouble. Therefore, not many people venture south of San Diego. Also the surf is incredible and the beaches are pristine.

As to what this trip had to do with healing. As much as I love offering healing, my body and spirit were pushing me to look at my own healing. The spirit of giving and sharing my gifts as a healer were becoming strained by a deep sense of enduring. It was like I was trying to prove to myself I could keep going without solid me time. I needed some time for my own healing to let my soul sing. So taking courage I put my practice on hold for a week and I left. I’m back and I feel really great, inspired, and more clear about by purpose with people.

So back to the party. We scored big time. There was a solid south by southwest ground swell that kept the surf pumping for a solid week. We surfed until we could no longer move. My first session in the water was at sunset. The water felt so good and my muscles were sooooo out of shape. For the first time ever, I questioned whether I was strong enough to continue surfing. My heart pounding, choking from a lack of oxygen and salt water cocktail, I thrusted my surfboard under the six foot crashing wall of white water. Surfacing, my muscles twisting and burning I prayed not to get pummeled into the nearby jetty.

Finally the corduroy set of waves diminished, as I lay panting, forehead pinned down on the fiberglass surfboard. I could see the silhouettes of my buddies what seemed like a four hundred yards away in the line up laughing overflowing with joy and love for this awesome time we were sharing. Catching my breath I lifted heavy arms, attempting to paddle up the beach and try to catch a wave with my best friends as we kicked off the party.

After and hour in the water my eyes began to burn and my corneas felt like sand paper rubbing against my eyelids. I looked in the mirror when I got back to the house, my left eye was completely blood shot and both eyes were puffy beginning to swell. No I was not drunk and had not consumed any shell fish. The ocean was giving me a healing. The swelling lasted about twenty four hours. After which I felt supremely improved. I realized how much I use my eyes especially at work. The stories, the emotions and pain that I feel through my eyes were releasing and I felt better. Thank you to the great oceans for your healing.

I’ll post some more stories, pictures and video on facebook. Feel free to comment or share. Healing is Universal.

Love, Light, and Fun … Luke

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  1. Paula Taylor says:

    Can't wait to read more about your adventures.

    Thanks for the great treatment today!

    Paula T

  2. Luke Adler says:

    You're welcome

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