the path prose

life is inherently dynamic.

its funny how just as I get comfortable with a situation it begins to change. Or in many cases I would like things to change because they are too comfortable and predictable. Either way, life finds a way to teach me to let go…

I believe the Bible says something like, life is but a vapor. It’s so true. Whenever are we? Wherever are we? Life goes on.

The more present I am, the more time seems to flex like plexi glass, warping its structure, texture and dimensions.

De ja’ vue anyone?

Have you been here, done this, before?

I strongly sense I have. I project we have many times … whose to say when. Not to get to out there but here I go anyway.

Life emits its animating force from the

dynamic vortex heart structure of existence.

As I attune to that Heart, the beauty, preciousness and paradoxical nature of opposing values swirl. Within that motion a compelling force moves me in a clear trajectory of service, honesty, power, love, and joy. There are other experiences too. I choose to focus on the aforementioned…most of the time.

Amidst the seeming chaos, purpose awaits. It awaits your initiative, resolve and commitment. Our work is serious, challenging, often difficult …. and if we want we can enjoy it, have fun, drink bliss. Vamos Muchachos!

2 comments on “the path prose”

  1. Paula Taylor says:

    Peace, love, joy.

  2. PLJ, PLT whooo heeee

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